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  1.  Great Jacket but faded pretty quick


    Great looking jacket but parts of it faded to a yellow colour wihtin 3 months.

    Still looks great tho!

  2.  Good, not great


    This is a good tv, but it can be annoying.

    There are so many different settings it gets annoying to have to keep changing. Also the built in freeview is terrible as you have to keep the tv on in standby to get updated tv guide listings.

    It is very good with the PS3 (upscales to highest 1080p HD automatically for blu-rays etc).

    Overall 7/10

  3.  COD flexfit Cap


    I took a risk and bought this cap without a picture on play site.

    Its black and grey, with the grey being some weapons mainly assult rifles and smg's (MP5 and P90). It also has some random grey frags etc and a call of duty logo in the bottom right hand side.

    Its a flexfit cap, so fits to your headsize which is good. Overall £8 is a fair amount for a COD addict like myself ; )

  4.  Album of 2009


    I've managed to get the whole album early and been listening to it for the last 2 weeks. What a solid album!

    Its much more direct than take to the skies. The music is much improved with the use of trance, hardcore , metal , screamo, rock, harmonys, chants, dance, rave, alternative...the list goes on.

    When I first heard Jugganauts I didn't think it was that good, but giveit a chance and you'll find it is actually a good song. Nearly every song on this album is a great listen, I would rate each song as follows:

    Common Dreads - Intro with different nations 'we must unite' 6/10
    Solidarity - great opener 8/10
    Step Up - If our own lives aren't directly affected, then there's no need for it to be corrected 8/10
    Juggernauts - Good single 8/10
    Wall - Great once gets going 'Its glorious outside' 9/10
    Zzzonked - If U likes No Sssweat you'll love this, classic 10/10
    Havoc A - The lions are at the door... 8/10
    No Sleep Tonight - Needs a few listens 7/10
    Gap In The Fence - Gets better as the song progresses 8/10
    Havoc B - We ain't taking orders from snakes no more 8/10
    Antwerpen - Single released, avereage 6/10
    The Jester - Slow start, great ending 8/10
    Halcyon (intro) - Interlude 6/10
    Hectic - Awesome lyrics 9/10
    Fanfare for the Conscious Man - Political album ending 7/10

    Overall 8.5/10

  5.  Best album of 2009 so far!!


    Listened to this album about 10 times now already and have come to the conclusion its their best album to date and the best album of 2009 so far.

    My favorite song off the album is 'Damocles', which is like Deathcar of their previous release ODSTWABY. Seeing them live this week for the 4th time, top band!!

    Marks out of 10:

    Calling On All Stations 9
    The English Way 9
    War Machine 9
    Never Change 7
    Colours Bleed to Red 8
    The Whisperer 7
    Mercury Summer 8
    Give Me The Sky 8
    Chemical Blood 9
    Tonight We Burn 7
    Damocles 10
    Follow Me Into The Darkness 10



    People may complain about the lack of run and gun in this game, but when has a Res Evil game ever allowed you to do that?

    I've so far played this game for around 10 hours and have to say the solo mission is on par with Killzone2, its that good! This game takes you back to where Res Evil 4 left off and gives you the background to the whole Res Evil franchise throughout.

    The question is....Is Jill Valentine still alive?

    Overall, I would give this game 9/10

  7.  X-FI


    I've had this player a couple of weeks and think its brilliant.

    My Zen vision M, begun to have some problems after 18 months of use, so I decided to upgrade to this player. The X-Fi cyrstal sound and 3D experience is a really good feature and brings out the full music experience you deserve after paying nearly 200 for this player.

    The headphone which come with this player are not your standard Creative one's, instead you get one's which can handle the bass etc much better so there is no need to buy extra headphones.

    This player can get very loud, a lot louder than my previous mp3 player. With the X-fi on, I don't think i've heard better clarity in music. I haven't even tried it with the bass on yet as its so good.

    The 9 buttons are not as good as the scroller on the Vision M in my opinion, although they do the same job. Some people may prefer this method as the scroller was very sensitive.

    The only downfall I can see for this player is that you will need to convert AVI (movie) files for them to play. I don't t know this is, its seems as though Creative have gone backwards not forwards on the video front!

    Overall a decent player with the X-Fi expansion a really good feature.

  8.  PS3


    This is the best PS3 money can buy. I have the 60GB version and have to say its the best games console i've ever bought!

  9.  Stopped being made


    These have stopped being made now with stock expected to run out around July/August.

    Sony will then be bringing out the DualShock 3 controllers with smaller battery and more capacity for the rumble (also may have SIXAXIS included).

    Hopefully the new controllers will be out end of May/early June...

  10.  BEST GAME EVER!!!


    This is the best game ever invented! You gotta get online and see what its all about, guarentee you will become addicted!!