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  1.  As good as the old OFP!


    Well lets not beat around the bush this is not a COD4 game by any means, if you think it will be like it then you are sadly mistaken. This is a realistic army strategy game which needs time and skill to play, you can't just run into it guns a blazing and hope to come out on top as most probably a sniper or a chopper will take you out.

    In a nut shell if like me you have been waiting for Operation Flashpoint 2 to come out (for like 5 years now) then this is a worth while buy, its very similar but with better graphics which are good and also some nice features that definately peg it higher than the old OFP.

    I will admit that there are a few bugs but this game is massive so its to be expected but there is no doubt in my mind that these will be patched over soon enough - don't let it deter you from making a worth while buy.

  2.  Great game to waste some hours on


    Well this is the first Red Faction game I have played and I must say I was pleasantly surprised and happy with what I bought.

    Basically in a nutshell - if you like GTA then you will like this!

    I got slightly carried away playing it and spent far too long playing it but its worked out ok as I got lots of 'salvage' which you can use to buy new items (guns, armor etc..).
    There is also the many different vehicles you can drive ranging from simple cars to tanks, but probably the fav vehicle is the mechanical suit (for lack of a better word) its very similar to the vehicle Ripley uses in the Aliens film but you also get jump jets on it...... very cool!

    Anyway I would recommend this game to anyone who is trying to decide what to buy, I have Infamous and I think this knocks the socks off it (and thought Infamous was good before I got this).

  3.  Great great great!


    Ok its 1am in the morning I've been playing it since it was delivered, this game is as good as 1 & 2.
    Highly recommend you buy this game so it can blow your socks off!!!

  4.  Excellent book!


    This book is excellent, who says a man cannot read and learn to help himself in the field...?
    Women do it all day long, they buy magazines with tons of articles in it on how to pick up men and how to control the situation.
    So it boils down to whether you want to learn, we learn about english and maths.... so now its time to learn about picking up women and making yourself be more confident around them.

    Also the storyline isn't half bad either!

    Enjoy your new found wisdom

  5.  Worth the read


    Obviously this in the second book which carries the story on from 'The Innocent Mage', I'll first state my reason for only the 4 stars.
    The first book is great and it builds the story up and the characters profiles, this book continues the story and is as gripping as the first but the only problem is that with all the build up of the story and the characters the ending feels all too quick. Thats not to say that this book isn't worthy of reading... far from it, over all if I rated the story as a whole and not just the two books I'd give it 5 stars.

    I would highly recommend reading both books as you will feel lost if you have read the first and you don't read this!
    To date this is still one of the most gripping stories I have read and I will be reading both the books again.

  6.  You won't be disappointed


    Well what to say, the 5 stars are a true reflection of how much I enjoyed this book, its the second book out of three in the series (the first being 'Plague of the Dead'). The tension carries on from the first and you lose none of the enjoyment and addictiveness that the first book gives you.

    The zombies in this book have a quality about that which makes the storyline gel, I'm yet to read about any zombies like them which is always refreshing from the norm.

    If you have read the first then your know what to expect, the book doesn't disappoint and after your finished with this one your be eager to start the 3rd!

    Hope you enjoy as much as I have.

  7.  One of the best


    The first Stalker game was a good introduction to the gaming genre - Stalker Clear Sky builds on the first one and adds even more, for starters night is now pitch black! which might not seem like much but the tension whilst playing is definately noticed!

    If you want a game that your find hard to leave alone and that will keep you on your toes and looking over your shoulder every five minutes then I highly recommend that you dip your hand in your pocket and fish out £17.99 as it will be the best money you send this month!

    Happy hunting!

  8.  Great zombie book


    I'll start by staying that if you've read World War Z then your enjoy this book as well. They are both very different in that this book is more of a storyline but it firmly grips you by the arms and keeps you hooked!
    I'm currently reading Part 2 of the Morningstar series, this book is Part 1 so you will need to buy the second book to follow on from this, but don't let that dishearten you as the storyline is great.

    Ever movie/book has their own view of how a zombie should be, this book is no different, and to be honest the zombies have an interesting two sides to them... not going to give anything away your just have to read the book!

    The read is easy and fluid while still holding a level of maturity that you will desire from any decent horror.

    I would recommend this book (and the second) to any zombie fan - this book will not disappoint your need for a bit of zombie loving!

  9.  Wow just wow! 5 stars and more if I could!


    Ok I doubt I'll be able to put into words just how much I enjoyed this film - but here goes...

    I got this film from a recommendation from a friend, and at only 3 quid I wasn't going to say no!
    Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale and Michael Caine all deliver to the highest standard providing a totally believable story. I'm totally dissappointed I never saw this in the cinema but at least I have the DVD to which I definately will be watching again!

    The story is really gripping and when you think you have worked something out trust me you haven't - the ending was amazing. I'm shocked I liked this sort of film so much being a 'Action' buff so much.
    I can't stress it enough this is a "film to see before you die".

    I hope you enjoy it a much as I did.

  10.  An enjoyable watch.


    Not going to kid anyone, its not Jason's best film but by far its not his worst!
    Don't be expecting any kung fu kicks from Jason in this film, this is a pure down the line story with twists.
    At the beginning I was a bit disappointed but once the story-line picks up it turned into an enjoyable film.
    Jason manages to carry most of the film, Wesley is a bit lack luster but he still manages to fill the role.
    I give it 4 stars as if your a Jason fan then its a good film to watch, if your not then I can see that some people might only rate it 3 stars - still a good film though!