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  1.  Great game, take it as it is don't compare to GH or RB2


    I read reviews about this game, most of them 50/50 i thought for £13 why not give it a try. Must say i was very impressed, the setlist is great personally i think much better than rb2 and gh5. Yes the songs ARE COVERS! but some of the covers are amazing it actually sounds like your listening to the original artist, and for people who whinge shut up the first gh games were covers.
    The gameplay is very good and smooth although if you have a hd/lcd telly you will have to calibrate the game via options menu as there is a slight delay, also the drum kit is set to 7 drums (as is the rock revolution kit) simply change to 5 drums under options.

    All of the songs are actually unlocked at the beginning of the game for some people thats great as you don't have to play constantly to unlock songs for others if may be annoying as they prefer the challenge.
    Anyway overall i rate this game highly yes it is a cheap version of rb and gh but it works and for the price i do think its worth the money. Also forgot to mention covers songs include (artists) papa roach, linkin park, lacuna coil, iron maiden, pantera, blink 182, soad plus loads more theres about 40 songs, the game is quite challenging i'm currently playing drums on hard very tricky!

    Great game i play on it more than rb2 and all controllers are compatiable gh and rb like i said you will have to change the settings on the game which takes seconds, defo give it a try hope another game is released \m/

  2.  More chance of winning a medal at Beijing,this game is pants


    I really don't know where to start with this game, it was bought me as a present as i love the olympic, and i couldn't wait to get my hands on the game. From playing previous olympic games such as sydney 2000, Athens and Mario and sonic, i was expecting good things from this game.

    There are loads of events to choose from very wide variety, the graphics are realistic clear and crisp, the sound effects are also very good, but then you come to the controls.

    I'm a gamer who likes a challenge but this game is stupidly hard, from the severe button bashing, to opposite rotation, i don't understand why to make a game so hard, i have played it for about 2 hours and i've had enough, the training is very useful but it still doesn't help, I get absolutely no enjoyment from playing this game, its not fun to play, extremely annoying and to be honest pure frustrating.

    Anyone who says they enjoy playing this game and the controls are easy, i take my hat off to them, they must have more patience than me. Anyone who wants to play the olympics but have fun doing so, i'd seriously suggest mario and sonic at the olympic games, it may not have the realistic graphics but its sooo much fun it play, especially on the wii.

    For any hardcore gamer thats into sports and loves a challenge then the beijing olympics is probably for you, anyone deciding to buy it on a wim i would seriously reconsider, it is not a family friendly game and i certainly wouldn't advise children playing it, if anyone still fancies the game at least wait till it comes down in price.

    All in all a huge dissapointment, i will stick to sonic and mario, beijing olympics will be getting stuffed on my shelve never to be played again.

  3.  good, but my game constantly repeats questions


    this game is great especially for families even my parents play it, the first copy i had got damaged and it had to be replaced i figured replacing it would stop the questionings repeating, but it doesn't ,guarantee every game we play the same questions come up during some point? any ideas

  4.  Grab a spare pair on pants, its resi time!!!


    When i bought resident evil 4 on the cube i was excepting great things, nice graphics, awesome IQ level basically i was hoping for a game that made me crap myself and i was not dissapointed.

    When i heard the game was being re-released on the WII i knew i had to buy it. The graphics are awesome although personally i don't think quite as sharpe as the cube, possibly coz i haven't got a hdtv cable yet. The controls are easy to use and using the wii remote to target is excellent, its alot more responsive and accurate than using the cube remote.

    People have critercised saying if you already own resi 4, then you don't need to buy it on the wii, this is just not true.yes its the same game, but the new control configurations bring the game to a whole new perspective.