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  1.  Fantastic Reboot


    I have been a fan of Devil May Cry since the beginning, its fast, fun and easy to pick up but difficult to master. I have enjoyed all of the previous games in the series and this installment is no exception. I think a lot of DMC fans are unjustly overly critical, saying things like "this isn't devil may cry! blah blah blah!" This reboot brings some fresh ideas, and shows how the series has matured. The story has changed, Dante is now half-devil, half-angel. He isn't the Dante you remember, and works along side Vergil to bring down Mundus that killed your mother and imprisoned your father Sparda. I have had chance to play all three versions of this game, xbox, ps3 and PC. The PC version is superior, it has the best frame rate, best textures, lighting and no pop in. You won't need a high end system either to play it. I would recommend using sweetFX to give the game a nice finishing polish to the graphics. I also use a xbox pad which is a much better way to play than using the keyboard.

  2.  Loved it!


    Me and my friends really enjoyed this movie at the cinema. It's a lot darker and grittier than the cheesy Stallone film, and stays true to the comic as Dredd (Karl Urban) never removes his helmet. There are some brutal action scenes as Dredd brings justice to the criminals of Mega City. It's a shame it didn't do well at the box office, this was likely caused by lack of advertising. I don't have one bad thing to say about this movie.

  3.  Brilliant!!!


    This film is brilliant, it's not JUST a film about drugs, but a journey into the American dream. Hunter S Thompson was a genius writer, and shows us meaning behind the chaos of Dukes and Gonzo's drug binges. It contains some memorable lines, and wonderful imagery. The blu-ray transfer itself looks stunning, and the vivid colours and sharp image really enhances the movie. I would love to say more but I can't stop here, this is bat country!!

  4.  You Engrish, Hung Like Horse!!


    This movie is a good laugh, and isn't meant to be taken seriously, much more over the top than the first. Those that gave it a low score clearly don't get it.
    The image quality is brilliant considering the budget, its a good watch, still prefer the original but that is a tough act to follow.

  5.  Good Handset, but I will stick with my bold.


    The last reviewer says you can't access hotmail via the web browser, this is wrong, you just go to mobile.live.com, but its pointless if you have push email.
    The camera is better than the bold, and has a slightly bigger screen, but its not 3G, the wifi isn't as good and the processors not quite as fast, but alot better than most other handsets on the market, but I would go for the bold, purely because 3G is much faster allowing you to stream content.

  6.  Good Quality


    Firstly, I would just like to point out that its important to check the size first in the measurement guide as amplified t-shirts run small. I usually wear medium , I bought a large be on the safe side, and its more than big enough.
    It has a great worn look to it, and on the left there is a nice piece of embroidery of the amplified symbol. The t-shirt also appears to be inside out., and as a final touch the label inside says "1-2-3-4!"
    My friend has a similar Ramones t-shirt in black but my amplified one looks a million times better.

  7.  720p


    Not a bad tv, but looking at the resolution it will be native to 720p not 1080p, its not a true 1080p tv.

  8.  Best phone on the current market!


    This phone is awesome! It beats the N96 hands down! The screen quality is brilliant, crystal clear. Email is push so you get them in real time, and its easy to setup. The interface is intuitive, and as with all modern bb's it has a nav wheel thats easy, and feels good to use. Because it has a full qwerty, its real quick to write messages. The quality of sound from the speakers is much better than my old n95.
    The satnav is quality, I have it on Voda and I get 18 months free satnav.
    The camera has less pixels than most modern phones but don't let that fool you!, the quality is brilliant, you can even upload then straight to facebook, and even geotag them.
    Even the games that come in the handset are good, block breaker is very addictive.
    The battery life is really good, with no noticeable difference with windows live messenger left running.
    I had this on release and had no problems, just call your network and have the blackberry service provisioned, and away you go!

  9.  All Action!


    This is an all action film, which is a pleasure for the eyes, with a veteran Predator performing stylish moves and executing Aliens. It has lashings of gore to satisfy the most blood thirsty individual. The film starts from the get go, and is much better than the original. The dialogue is a bit weak, but that isn't what this film is about! Lots of action, lots of blood and its fun to watch. Fans of the games will love this film.

  10.  Brilliant!


    I love all of the tracks on this CD, there isn't a single one that disappoints. Everyone thats heard it wants to rob it off me! They have a good sound and interesting lyrics. This EP has a bonus track aswell, 'Cut Cut Paste'. They sound like 'The Strokes' but better! Stop reading! Just buy it!