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  1.  Great film, both scary and funny.


    This is a great film that never gets old. It cleverly uses mecanics from drama and comedy films, and throws in a deadly virus that turns the people of london in to zombies. This film is a great title to have on any media player, or anything for that matter.

    And don't worry, this film has plenty of zombie aciton

  2. Blur



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     Very good, little intrest


    This is a fantastic racing game, especialy if you are tired of seeing little cartoony characters bounce around if you throw bananas at them. This is a cross between a real racing game and a powerup based kids game, but there is nothing childish about this game.

    The gameplay is wonderfully simple and easy to learn, but the online community is starting to dwindle despite the quality of the game. You can challenge your freinds and power through the campaign (which is about 10-11 hrs, based on your skill) while competeing with eachother. In summery, fantastic game, and the online is still active do not worry.

    For this bargin price, this cannot be missed!

  3.  An essential for all psp owners


    although having gotten the game from a different source, I found the game very engaging and it had a whole lot of new gimics that did not apply for next to all other psp games. Insomniac did not create this one, but they left it in the hands of the foulks who got us the sython filter games, so some will already know this is good. New alians to kill and a very good online mode makes this game like Resistance FOM in the palm(s) of your hand.

    On that note, you can connect this copy to the ps3 on resistance 2, and then you can get a whole heap of bounuses. You can also infect the protagonist for a warped campain and acceses to areas that would be otherwise leathal.

    a great game overall 8/10

  4.  A fantastic sequel


    I am a BETA tester for LBP2, and now the restricitons are lifted, I can tell you all about it.

    There is a new game engine, so the game is a lot sharper and crisper than before, with a lot of new stuff to play with in create mode to boot.

    Speaking of create, the things people have created so far is fantastic, you really can create whole games with the help of a ton of new features. This is a truely great game from what I can tell so far from the BETA, I would advise getting it ASAP, as these will fly of shelves. You can also decorate your planet and moon with all of the stickers and decouratioons you have collected, and you can keep all of the stickers and costumes you got from the first game as it interacts with you old profile

    it is great to be able to talk about the BETA, so take a look at some youtube posts on it. Bear in mind it is a BETA, so the original game will probably have a lot of other stuff, and the quality of the posts will NOT reflect the release.

  5.  its a good film, but not perfect


    this is an all round good film, but some of the references to games and comic books will make you groan rather than laugth. Other jokes, however, are very funny, but this film feels like it was intended for teenagers with all of its references, and being a teenager myself, I know we are not catered for as an audience, apart from the odd 80's remake or sci fi.

    Not recomended for adults, only recomended for teenagers who like a decent comedy that is honest with itself, it is not mainstream material and the director knew it, so he made quite good, but not Hot fuzz good

  6.  great game


    this is almost the best game to have ever featured on the ps2, heavily advised you get this version though, as some of the extras on the limited addition no longer work

  7.  This game is the best game on psp (recomended by me)


    When I got peace walker, it was mainly based on the reveiw by IGN, who's reveiw made the game seem overated with its constant praise, but it turns out, it was very deserving of that praise.

    This is a great on the go stealth sci-fi, the gameplay is top notch and there are several controll types for people who prefer to do things their own way.

    As a noob to the metal gear sereis, I thaught I would not understand the storyline, but unlike some metal gear solid games, this one actually made sence. This game's story could be a stand alone title, as the flashbacks and references to other titles would fit in even if this was the first.

    The visuals and audio are fantastic for a psp. You can sneak around the jungle holding people up and kidnapping them instantly, or you can choose to take on a tank in a train yard, this is however set in an area near to the equator, so the main of the environment will stay the same untill you near the end of the story ( that took me 17 hours to complete, not including the fantasticly laid out extra ops missions). The audio is fantastic, there was a part when I had to listen to find a birdsong and I realised how outstanding the audio was and as for the visuals, there were areas when I completely thaught this game updated my screen

    This game focuses heavily on co-operation (2 players). This will be a pain for british users as PSPs are not very popular here, but there is a little thing called AD-HOC party for the ps3, which creates a server so you can play online with people. This may eventually become the case because there are a few weapons and items which can only be used with 2 or more people, and the missions are very difficult to play alone. AD-HOC party is thankfully free, so if you have both systems, this is greatly recomended.

    Parents do not worry, there isn't any blood, guts or gore in this game, and it genraly discourages violence. The rating is there for a reason, but it is quite a soft 15, and is only there in case a player is not to stealthy.

    Another thing I would like to point out is that this is not a shooter. If you want a shooter game then turn around, this is one of a stealth series, which punishes players that run through and ignore the main aim, and you will also be frustrated by the guages and colours that appear that are to do with stealth. If you like the splinter cell sereis however, you will enjoy this.

    Other features difficult to mention however, are making your own gigantic robot, and developing your own base in the sea so you can make those exclusive weapons I was talking about.

    Once you pick this up, you won't want to put it down

  8.  I recomend this, but....


    As you can see from my star rating, I do beleive this is a good game, its nice, has all the charm of the ps3 vertion and you now have the privelidge to create on the go.

    Little big planet is a fantastic game to have. you can download levels from online and play them later, without worrying about what will happen to what you are playing if you turn it off. This also means that you have an unlimited supply of free content from the levels and there are a lot downloadables on the playstation store for free, but some have a price tag.

    The only downside to this game is that it will not have that same "revolution" in gameplay anymore, and the game will lose that sticky charm pretty quickly, as there are other play create share games out there.

    If your gift recipient or indeed yourself is unfimiliar to the little big planet sereis, then this is a must buy, but for people who owned the previous, this will eventually get boring, and traded in

  9.  Great value, But check what you are buyig on psn first!


    18 quid for 20, nuff said

    If you are someone who has been snowed in, or if you can put up with the wait, then this is for you.

    A word of caution though, if the item you want to buy on the playstation store is in some sort of special offer, then check the date the offer expires, The delivery should be here before it ends anyway, but you need to check to see if it is not on its last day of offering.

    other than that, these cards are genuine and at a very good price. You will not find these any cheaper in the shops because the card is worth 20 pounds, and shops like to exploit that to raise the price from its value so they can make more money out of you.

    Baisicly this is a fantastic choice, a good 2 pound profit on your part, just make sure what you want does not expire within 3 days, or you could lose the offer.

    apart from that, I would heavily advise, just make sure everything is in HIGHER CASE LETTERS and the numbers are as displayed

    NOTE: if you want to buy this as a gift, this is not for XBOX, and will not work on its store

  10.  Its good but its not AC2


    true, AC brotherhood is great, no denying that, but there is not as much to it as AC2. This is only in story terms however as the online really pushes it along, but it is more of a diversion than a vital sequel. I would not advise buying this particular set, as there are 2 lots of free DLC to be had on the Playstation store.

    As a BETA tester for the online, I found it fantastic and fun to play, and I only got to play the wanted mode, and when I got the full game, it kept getting better.

    This game does not have a lot against AC2 for the folowing reasons
    1) it is exactly like AC2, but only with a few new ways to spend florens
    2) it seems more like a diversion to fit in to the story and wrap up ezio's story before AC3 comes out
    3) online is fun, but it seems like Ubisoft just wanted to keep up with its release rival, call of duty black ops

    To summerise, I do think the game is good, but it is not the revolution of gameplay you would think it is, but there are a ton of new features, and yes, it has trophies to keep you going after the story is up. This has a nice look but the "exclusive content" has nothing on what the free DLC has to offer. If you are a hardcore fan, I would recomend, but for anyone else, I would say you should buy the game alone, and wait for AC3