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  1.  Well past its sell by date


    having loved the original black ops i pre ordered this in the hope it would improve and sadly its a massive failure. The main game i switched off around a third the way through as it was simply boring. The online aspect has some ok maps however the lag is woeful and more frustratingly is you can pump a whole round of ammo into someone and they dont die and they hit you with one bullet and you die, totally hit and miss. Game has gone too arcade like and just too frustrating to be fun. Should have called it " Call it a day" instead

  2.  great single player online is sadly hacked


    Just bought this game second hand and have to agree with review below the single player is very good however the online play is sadly being ruined by complete morons who like to scroll website domains across the screen, fly in the air and be invincible which totally ruins any fun to be had online. I really wish the producers of the game would sort this issue out, i know its an old game but there are a lot of people still playing it. I really hope this doesnt happen to mw2 and black ops as they are both really good online still.

  3.  one word disappointing


    only played multiplayer so far and have to say tha graphics seem to have taken a step back, certainly worse than than mw2, the maps are all small, people throw grenades over scenery when they cannot see you and still kill you, people with rocket launchers spoil the experience too, kill streaks far too powerful and annoying. Menus and eveything just seem a carbon carbon of mw2 too. I will persevere however i think this will be traded in soon and back to black ops and mw2 which are both far better than this

  4.  great fun and well worth a play


    great fun and really easy to pick up and play, i got the full 1000g on it but there are a few tricky bits to do but defo a worthy purchase and fun while it lasted. Cowabunga dudes !!

  5. NBA Jam

    NBA Jam

    Xbox 360

    5 New from  £10.01  Free delivery

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     A real let down


    online play non existent no playes available at various times to play against, tutorial mode nye on impossible to ge the timiongs right which just irritates, graphics ok but controls are absolutely abismal. The whole game feels rushed and is sadly not like the original one. Shame as this could have been great

  6.  Utter dross


    rubbish lousy film start to finish, cast exceptional but truly wasted. Bruce Willis and Arnie in 1 scence for 10 seconds hardly constitutes them being in the film. The action is the same all the way through shoot bad guy, stab bad guy falls down dead. Was expecting a good film but was left utterly let down.

  7.  sheer class


    It took me 3 or 4 years of having an xbox before actually trying a COD game and this is the first one I have played and im totally converted, the graphics are top notch the gameplay is excellent and online mode is bloomin brilliant, all of these people here moaning about the online not being good must have had a blow to the head as its just brill. The controls are simple and the way you can upgrade xp to buy new weapons and skill your soldier up is great. Cant put this game down and would thoroughly recommend. Whens the next game out ??

  8.  disappointed


    Luckily i rented this game as i had wanted it for ages and have to say the graphics are very good however that said to actually play the game and get into it is very very slow the loading is also horrendously slow and annoying and frankly i lost interest after an hour so unless you have the patience to perservere then would say to avoid

  9.  bond is back


    great game and graphics for the wii very good, however the game is not perfect. Firstly the Wii controller is terrible to use so dont even bother trying, use a classic controller instead. Also its takes forever to unlock guns and gadgets online and there is also no ranking system which is frustrating. You should be up against people of similiar level to yourself however you can be up against people from level 1 to level 56 and sometimes you just get wasted which makes it frustrating and also at times if you have done well in a game you get "host quitting" which means the xp you have earned in the game is lost and doesnt count, again unfair. These minor grumbles aside the game is very addictive and great fun and will keep you playing for a long time. I havent really bothered with the main game as the online is the main selling point. Great game and I would say up there with the best wii games so well worth getting.

  10.  disappointing


    played the demo of this and after 5 minutes I was so bored it was untrue. The game is so repetitive just a case of hammering the light sabre button and it all became really dull very quickly. im glad I played the demo because if I had wasted 40 hard earned nuggets on this I would have been really annoyed.