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  1.  Its a monster


    First off he's huge, about 7inchs tall,pretty heavy and very sturdy feeling. Lots of articulated joints including in wrists, elbows, shoulder, hips, knees and feet. Loads and loads of little details on the figure, like pipes, straps and all kinds of stuff.

    Comes with a rivet gun (6 inchs long!!) and huge backpack. With a bit of fiddling you can get him to a "stand" pose as if he's walking like he does in the game (ie hunched forward, arm swinging the rivet gun). I've got mine posed "walking" holding a lil sisters hand:D (looks straight out of the game)

    Overall I am most impressed indeed!

  2.  Believe the hype


    The game is fantastic!! Instead of a waffling review, I'll give an account of my first couple of hours play....

    The character creation section at the start of the game is pretty ingenious (I think its the first game that I have played where I have controlled a baby that gurgles and says dadda!) giving you highlights of the past 19 years of your life. Once this section was complete I stepped out into the wastelands and was amazed at the draw distance and details. I proceeded to head south where i was attacked by a huge bug, which with the help of the much talked about VATS system i squashed into the ground. I then decided to get up high for a good view of the landscape below so i climbed up a smashed bridge to view a bus with a raider some 50 or so feet below me. After a brief shootout i decided that i needed to get closer as my pistol was not hitting the mark due to the distance between us, so i swung around and to my horror two of the 1st raiders mates had started to make their way up the bridge behind me (one with a staff the other a pistol), i enabled VATS and aimed at the legs of the one with the staff, who by know was within spitting distance. To my joy i got a critical hit and he limped off cursing at me. I then jumped off the bridge whilst manualy gunning down the 2nd raider. By this time the original raider had flanked me and was taking pot shots at me, my health was low so i hid. Then to my suprise a few moments latter i heard the raider scream. I got up from where i was hiding and to my suprise i saw what i can only call a military droid of sorts flamethrowing the raider to a crisp. I then, rather stupidly thought, ah he must be a friend, so i started walking up to it, and, yep you guessed it, the bugger flamed me too (whilst saying something about America)!

    After dying i tried this section again and it played differently!

    Great game - you do need a monster rig though.......