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  1.  Good Game for a Bike Fan


    Ok, this is barely changed from SBK 08,09 or X but if you don't have any of those this is a worthy addition to your collection.

    I have the same gripes about this as i did for SBKX- mainly that there are not enough spectators when you're racing and the gameplay can be a little dry- but I still think this is the most realistic bike game out there.

    I used SBK11 to learn 2 circuits before I rode on them this year and it's spot on, the bikes also sound accurate (unlike MotoGP).
    Graphics aren't as crisp as they should be and the game could be improved, but in my opinion it's still the closest thing to a 'real' riding simulator.

  2.  Great Film!


    Why anyone would want to walk out of a screening of this film I do not know?
    It's not a 'laugh out loud' style of comedy, but it is absolutely full of jokes from beginning to end. It looks great on Blu-ray, and really benefits from a good sound system too.
    Buy the film, watch it, then watch it again in 6 months- you'll appreciate it more.
    All the characters are great, the two kids (Walker & Texas Ranger) are hilarious and importantly it never tries to be too clever.

  3.  Sorry....


    ..but this just wasn't for me.

    I really couldn't get on with this game, despite really wanting to.
    I'm possibly a little older than some and accept that I'm generally rubbish at games now, but I only bought a 360 for racing games and I don't feel this is anywhere near Dirt, Grid or Forza.

    Maybe someone more naturally talented could enjoy this game but for me it's been pushed to the back of the shelf.

  4.  Most Realistic... ..but lacking in fun?


    SBK10 is probably the most realistic motorcycle game on the market, and is noticeably improved over SBK09.
    To begin with you'll find yourself braking far too late, but once used to the dynamics you can revel in the satisfaction of nailing that perfect corner and mastering 'slow in, fast out'.

    It has loads of bikes & riders, and the WSS class is not to be missed- it's a great training ground for the faster bikes.

    SBK10 has a few tiny flaws, but nothing that seriously detracts from the experience.
    It is a little lacking in the 'fun' element, however, and for future revisions it'd be nice to see a bit of crowd interaction- cheers for wheelies, overtaking etc etc...

    I do really enjoy this game (and the handling/dynamics are spot on) but it isn't perfect. 4 out of 5.

  5.  It is what it is


    Moto GP is an arcade style racer through-and -through.
    The handling and dynamics are not in anyway realistic, and the 4 stroke engines sound totally unrealistic (Moto 2 & Moto GP).

    But..... the sound track is great and once you realise the name of the game is not trying to 'man handle' the bike but in fact stopping, turning, clipping the apex and accelerating out, it becomes a lot more fun.
    The 125's and 250's are also a lot of fun, and essential to the experience of the game.

    I don't play online so can't comment on that, but the 5 minute format for races/qualifying/practice for a solo player is ideal.
    You'll be a world champion in no time!

    Great addition if you're a bike fan, but be warned: if you play another game like SBK and then go back to Moto GP it'll take you ages to relearn the dynamics of the game.

    Worth 10-15 quid but SBX10 is the daddy of motocycle realism (so far).