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  1.  The Greatest Game ever


    I am 7 hours into the adventure of Chumalos Gloob (always have to give my character a stupid name!) and I can easily say that this is probably the best and most engrossing game I'm ever going to play until the 6th installments.
    First things first, graphically in 3rd person mode it's outstanding however in first person it can look a little disjointed but this doesn't take away the advancements from Oblivion. The combat is over 100 times better. In Oblivion you'd be left spinning round working out who was attacking you whereas in Skyrim if your level is high enough you can go on the attack. Also the maps - far better and indepth and the world is so varied. There's so much to do. Ive already defeated 3/4 dungeons or caves and it's really quite exciting!
    I'm not normally an RPG man but you don't have to be. The levelling up system is so simple. I've had no crashes as yet and an update was released again tonight so as long as you have a good broadband connection all should be ok.
    So far the satisfaction of downing my first dragon is hard to beat. I found bows and arrows the best for this.
    I'm also chuffed they have got rid of the Oblivion gates. These were too samey in the last game but nothing is samey here.
    I would Definately go for this whatever your genre you wont regret it!

  2.  Nice concept, Poor Graphics, Terrible Execution


    Firstly let's credit this game with something. It's tried to do something new. The idea of hacking into someones game and making it easier or harder for them is a brilliant idea. Problem is this... I'm the first reviewer the games been out a good 5/6 months and noones playing it. I bought it for 4.99 and still no reviews. There's a reason.
    Firstly the graphics. They look polished at first but as soon as your player moves that's it! The graphics jerk, break all over the place. When communicating you may have been speaking to a brick wall or a chocolate teapot as they'd show more expression. But beyond that surely there is a game considering there's a good concept?
    But no... The movement is terrible, worse than the 1996 version of Resident Evil 1. The enemies dont change the way they shoot. But worst of all is the reason why that 4.99 left my bank account. My Mindhacking is done so pathetically, that it might as well not be there. You press in L3 and R3 and you find a target to hack... But you can't hack everyone and as soon as you do everything leaves the original character alone and starts shooting at you. The mindhacking was meant to be an advantage. So all in all there's NO point in using it.
    A poor game if done right would of been a classic.
    The concept designer should be hired elsewhere... The rest who made this though should just give up!

  3.  One of the poorest games ever played


    I thankfully rented this game. Good job as I don't even think it's worth it's 12.99 tag!
    The fights are over too fast, you can't kick out of submissions... It's extremely poor. I was excited at first to see Kimbo Slice on this game, YouTube him and you'll see his brutality as a fighter. But he fights nothing like him. The guy is a man mountain and on this he feels too weak, and his punchs are lame. This for a fighter whom absorbs punches then throws one, and the opponents on the floor.
    I actually think the person who created this fighter on Fight Night Round 4 got it more right.
    The career mode lacks depth, the fighting ringside atmasphere is more PlayHouse Disney than Box Office spectacular and the action is unrealistic.
    Only redeeming thing is graphics and commentry. But by the time you've realised that it's likely to be heading to the shelf as a dust catcher.

  4.  One of the best games ever played


    Let's just say, before this game I hated RPGs. The fiddlyness of upgrading my character quite frankly I couldn't be bothered with. Then one day speaking to a pal, he suggested I try Oblivion.
    Knowing what oblivion was... I largely ignored him till October when play.com did a good deal and I dived in.
    And I don't regret it one bit.
    Ok the graphics are dated compared to the likes of Dead Space 2, the voice acting is quite poor at times. But what do you expect... It takes you over an hour by horse to get from corner to corner of the map.
    There's so much to do and to see. It's really up to you if you wander off on your own or follow the main game. I was then randomly went looking for the secret door.
    I'm about 15 hours in & have hardly scratched the surface! I guess that's the only other downside. You may never complete this game!

  5.  Based on demo...


    I have just downloaded the Dead Space 2 demo off the Playstation Network... And well it's miles better than the previous classic game. Compared against Resident Evil this feels like a very progressive IP as opposed to it's older rival.
    Well from the unfinished demo. Graphics this time round lot clearer, environments more chilling, story "seems" better (it even has a CG video this time round) and overall more polished.
    If you get to play the demo as well do make sure your tickers ok... As the third room you go into induces a very scary 4 second moment! I know you probably think that's short but it's long enough! Any longer would take away the suprise!
    Overall I'd preorder well I already have but this will be 60 Great Britsh Pounds well spent!
    If you can remember the thrill of starting Resident Evil 2 for the first time after playing the old PSone Resident Evil this is exactly the same with Dead Space!
    Buy it!