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  1.  pretty good for a prequel


    being the 3rd film in the series i thought it was gonna be bad and hurt the previuos 2 thank god it wasnt if u dont know yep this is a prequel and tells the story of how the lycuns rose up in power in all it was well put together the let down was no kate beckensale but apart from that a very good film to watch true fans will love this and be proud to own the trilogy 8/10

  2.  ok but no classic and prob be forgotten very quickly


    when i saw the trailers to the spirit i was hoping for another style sin city, well visualy it was but story was another thing. in all i truley believe this film should of stayed in the graphic novel it was a very plain film nothink special and at times was very boring but in all i guess average but soon to be forgotten 5/10

  3.  very high qulity discs


    please try not to take the other reviews seiously ive now brought 3 packs of these discs (300) discs in total and every single disc has burnt to perfection the end result for mp3s to cds are amazingly good. For the other reviewers i surguest u check ur writing speeds and ur comps cause it seems everyone is quick to post a bad review when they dont check there ends first. overall 10/10

  4.  class and style


    Well this film is just astonishing and good, when i watched the trailer i was impressed but had doubts bout it after watching the film all doubts were washed away the acting is superb and the story is very realistic. To me i would say its rocky mixed with stallone's lock up. The running is just right not too long and winded like some films. Well worth the buy and at five pounds bargain get it whilst its cheap 10/10. Im considering buying undisputed 2 but im not sure it will follow up this great film.

  5.  not bad but a lil winded


    this film was average but following from the original it had a lot of ground to keep up with no major actors and rocks replacment randy coulture dont get me wrong he did ok but this film is really hit or miss if youve watched all 3 mummys and the scorpion king then you should consider watching this rent or buy but overall pretty average 5/10

  6.  just like it was


    ill keep this short i enjoyed this film was like watching the old x files the only difference is the cast are a lil older no aliens just good old x files 9/10

  7.  just amazing every season gets better


    What a series back in the day sg 1 was amazing good unfortuntly for that it was getting on and started to drop from season 7 atlantis brings new ideas and adventures all the way every ep is backed with action suspence life and death true action. I agree with the other reviews amada tapping is great but we loved wier why did she go but its still amazing and i think this series will go on for a few more seasons yet this is a must buy season 9/10

  8.  top notch


    Like many ppl when i heard a terminator series was coming out all i was thinking was its gonna ruin the films and hurt the name. I was completly wrong picking up from t2 the story is nice a compeling loads of action and different looking terminators, dont get me wrong im a hugh arnie fan but seeing dif terminators you never know if one is there ready too kill great series cant wait for season 2 just a shame this box is only 9 eps. But nice box set

  9.  i think it was a good thing this was the last season


    I remember watching these back in the mid 90s and they are classics after buying all the seasons on dvd from play.com. Seasons 1-3 have a nice comic book style storyline for me when it came to season 4 it was getting a lil too cheesy and boring the eps just seam to be a lil repetative from the previous seasons, but in all a classic 8/10 buy smallville better storys and effects enjoy.

  10.  average 80s


    For a van damme film this one is pretty average story was ok but if it had a better budget then might off helped a lil. Lots of killing and fighting so a classic 80s film. 7/10