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  1.  Words Fail Me!!!


    Yet another horror like 'The Blair Witch Project' and 'Paranormal Activity' where not much happens apart from the shakiness of the cameraman supposedly filming... and if your waiting for the bit pictured on the dvd cover - IT DOESN'T HAPPEN!!!

  2.  Good work Danny!!!


    I've been a big fan of Danny's for a quite a few years now so was really excited to hear that he had done this autobiography. I'm certainly a fan of his films but wasn't keen on the documentaries and couldn't see why he was going down that road, putting his name to violence and hardmen but this honest "in his own words" book explains why he did. My only criticism is that the chapters from 18 onwards seem out of chronological order but alas it's a great read which is why I'm giving this a 5/5.

  3.  What Activity???


    There's more 'activity' in the trailer which shows a cinema's audience reactions with a few clips from the film. Unfortunately this shows the ending which basically is the only thing that happens other than the odd loud noise and doors slamming. The only 'paranormal' thing was how the audience being filmed for their reactions must have been watching a totally different film. I would give it 0 Stars but I'm giving this 1 Star just because I like the fact that it isn't another film about a maniac on the rampage or one with a load of dream sequences but come on... SOMETHING HAS TO HAPPEN!!!

  4.  One Scary Orphan!!!


    This really is an absolutely amazing film with outstanding performances and a well thought out story from start to finish! Don't be put off by the 15 Certificate. This is indeed a great horror movie!

  5.  The whore is back!!!


    This second series has a slightly more serious side as 'Hannah' struggles to have a relationship and 'Belle' takes a new escort under her wing. But still, many funny moments, great one liners and familiar charactors. Definately worth buying if you love the first series. My only criticism is that each episode seems short and the DVD bumps up the running time with pointless special features such as 8 Webisodes which is why I'm giving this DVD just 4 stars.

  6.  A very 'high class' series about a whore!!!


    Billie Piper is sensational in this. Each episode delivers great charactors, hilarious one liners and rude scenes which are very comical to watch. It's nice to see a story about a call girl/prostitute without the drugs, pimps and the standing on street corners. This is very light hearted and superbly written.

  7.  A powerful British horror!!!


    With no real special effects, CGI or great stunts this film managed to keep me totally interested from beginning to end. The fact that the bad guys were just a group of bored, unintelligent youths made it so real that sometimes it was very hard to watch. A powerful film that I couldn't stop thinking about.

  8.  Don't judge a dvd by it's cover!!!


    I'm not a football fan in the slightest, infact I can't bear it so I was immediately put off by the title but this is fantastic and certainly enjoyable to watch. Yes, the language is vile but totally necessary and incredibly humourous. A great cast and a great script.

  9.  It's ECSTACY!!!


    Drugs. Excess. Murder. This dark yet colourful, sad yet funny movie is a must see and must buy. The soundtrack is fabulous aswell as the cast. Makes you wanna become a club kid!!!

  10.  A Gay Classic!!!


    This film is very in ya face, outrageously 'gay' and was exactly what I had hoped for when I chose to watch a film with a title like that. I certainly was not disappointed.