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  1.  Why have I not heard of this


    As someone who bought the book, 2 of the dvd's 1 to 3, All of the cartoon series, I was amazed at this addition to the series. If you like your Science fiction with battle armour, sexy women, hard men and a story line that you can follow then buy this and give the makers a reason to make some more. Bring them on. Please
    make more. You know it makes sense

  2.  Late night entertainment


    I would watch this late at night, but am bit concerned about it being aged like Battle star Galactica, or Babylon five, Yet I wait eagerly for this release, after many searches to find it, I will add it to my collection. Good over all human, alien conflict, with a psuedo racist under tone, Envetroes,(test tube humans) versus womb born humans, recommend you give it a look see

  3.  The writers should be hung twice,


    I am amazed at how many people found this drivel funny. Why? Its an inept piece of cinema, there are no funny moments and the best actor is the monkey. I watched the first one because it was rated by friends as funny and yes after a few beers some bits were amusing, but this! I borrowed it from a false friend, funny my .... This is one for the pirates to down load, and save money. PIRATING IS A CRIME, AND RUINS THE CINEMA BUSINESS, so down load this rubbish and save money and the world from rubbish

  4.  been there done that


    Its a good one, yet I have found that some of the cave and dungeon locations repetative, causing confusion, and I have also found that at least 2 locations come directly from Oblivion (fixed them in good time :)) yet its still a good game and I've been on it for days and don't think I've scratched the surfice. If you enjoy exploring, instead of the linear go there do this no option games. BUY IT

  5.  The Scarlet Sash


    I cannnot under stand why Garry Douglas Kilworth, is not a more popular author, I have enjoyed all of his military novels, The "Fancy Jack series",. And I have just read The Scarlet Sash in one Sitting. If you enjoy Military fiction. B. Cornwell,J, Wilcox, A, Mallinson and P,Mercer. Then G.D.Kilworth, as it all. All ready ordered Dragoon

  6.  warlord


    I agree with all the above, this film has depth, if your looking for a martial arts films like one armed boxer or drunken master plays tiddley winks! Then this not for you, the film is well acted, well Directed. I was surprised at Jet Li's preformance and also slightly moved at the end. The battle scenes are amazing, but the story as a whole distracts from them and leaves you with one major lesson never trust politicians

  7.  An entertaining read


    An entertaining read. A bit boys ownish with characters like Jack Steel and Slaughter,but enjoyable enough. The period may have a limited appeal, but it seems well researched. Yes I am looking forward to more off the same.

  8.  A shame, but to put this book up with Cornwell is an insult


    I was given a signed copy of whale Road as a gift which is the only reason if remains in my collection. It pains me to have to say this, but it has nothing going for it the characters are lack lustre the plot seems to go nowhere except down the many holes in said story line. Mr Low may be an avid Viking re-enactor but his knowledge of the period does not translate into a good yarn and Odin forbid a long saga Sorry

  9.  fallout collection


    This collection for any one new to the fallout series IS a must itmay seem basic, compared to modern games (point and click) but it is enthralling. My personal fav is Fallout tactics. Squad based as are all the series but tactics is for me Sweet. New comers bewarned all have an adult story line through out. I have spent many an happy hour shooting all that moves. A well recomended game Enjoy