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  1.  A humbling experience


    I wasn't fortune to catch this when it was broadcast a few years ago. But by luck stumbled across this recently...The awe inspiring unseen footage of the Apollo missions is very humbling.

    The personal recollections by the remaining astronauts are a gripping. They are 20 or so of the luckiest people on earth. Yet they remain very grounded by the experience. Its a shame Neil armstrong didnt take part.

    This documentary is a must for everyone....Its no wonder it picked up so many awards.

  2.  Good but left me wanting more!


    I agree with everyone else thats made this comment. Its far too short. There's not enough variety in the scenario's. i seemed to be coming against the same old enemies, and using the same old strategy to defeat them. Especially with the big battle droids.

    The story is very gripping, and leaves you on a cliff hanger.

    This game would benefit from some spin off DLC.

    Force unleased 3 needs to be fully unleashed!!

  3.  Great all Round F1 Experience


    I think the gaming world has been lacking a good F1 Sim for years. I first heard this was being made last year, at the end of the 2009 F1 season.

    After playing this for a weekend on both Xbox 360 and PS3 using a Playseat, steering wheel and pedals. I can safely say this a very realistic driving experience.

    I started my career at Lotus, recording a 3rd in my first race. Now some F1 fans might see this as very unrealistic given the teams F1 experience, and performance on the track for real. After a corrupt save file i restarted and moved into a driving seat at Force India.

    Well what a difference. I much twitcher car under breaking, and one that didnt suit my driving style. So i can see the need to make small progressions throughout the game in order to get used to the different cars, in different conditions.

    My only criticism..is that its too easy to pick up a penalty. I was sitting in the car after a spin, waiting for a clear section of track to turn the car in. I received a dangerous driving penalty for steering the car into a spin in order to turn the car around. I 2 x 5 place grid drops for similar things. I hope this can be changed via the patch updates.

    A great game....for any F1 or racing fan!!

  4.  Best Madden yet.


    Having played NFL games since Joe Montana on my MegaDrive. I can honestly say that the 2 bad reviews above, are from people playing the demo.

    This game is a move forward from last years. The player animation is much improved, with players pulling and tugginf at shirts. With pretty much every attribute customisable you can really tailor the game to your needs and skill level.

    The introduction of GameFlow helps speed the games up and takes the stress off picking the right plays for the novice gamer. Its not fool proof it can pick plays that are wrong for the situation, but with in game calls to adjust formations its easily rectified.

    Whilst its a little way behind the polished look and feel of FIFA 10/11. Its a great game and a must buy for any NFL fan.

  5.  A worthy sequel!


    I was a fan of the first Bad Company, enjoying the single Player campaign, and the freedom of the online play.

    Number 2 takes it 1 step further..I bought this yesterday, and didnt put it down for hours. I'd agree that in some instances its taken a lot to taken down an enemy.

    But the divisity of the levels, make this a Must Have. The story is very indepth, and has a MW2 feel about it with a Bad Company Twist.

    There's also a few digs at MW2 in there for good measure. Especialy those "fancy special forces guys, with lame heart beat sensors on there guns".

    Im yet to give online play a good bashing. But i've played the demo, and it was very addictive.

    Must buy for any fan of the first. Or seasond FPS player

  6.  Great game


    Having received this yesterday in the post. I set upon my 360. I have throughly enjoyed playing the opening sequence of the game. I have now had about 2 hours on it. Im currently only 3% through the game.

    With the amount of gadgets and fighting moves this batman can pull off, it really makes for an enjoyable, fully emersable experience.

    Im not a huge fan of the comic version of Batman, but i feel this is a healthly tie between the comic and the recent film releases. Its very dark, and has a similar feel to the 'Dark Knight' game.

    I would definatly recommend this to any potential buyer. Ive given it 4 stars due to the fact that ive not played through tht entire game.


  7.  East meets West...Sheer brilliance


    Im not a huge fan of Anime, but the idea of this was enough to make me buy this.

    This is my kind of Anime film. This is a thrilling film from start to finish. The voices of Sam Jackson and Ron Pearlman are perfectly suited for the characters.

    A complete gore fest. Stunning visual and a gripping storyline helps immerse you in the world of Afro Samurai.

    A must buy for anyone!!

  8.  a mixed bag


    Well after the success of COD4, i guess the next in the series was always going to be up against it. With the return of the original production company, i feel its lost its edge.

    I was disappointed that the US marine chapter finished early, and the Russian chapter brought nothing new to the table with the same old fall of the reich storyline seen in the previous releases.

    Graphics are excellent and addition of flamthrowers is a great idea that works very well.

    Multiplayer is good fun,and is fast paced like COD4. I think it lacks weapon realism Putting scopes and various sights in SMG's is just not accurate for its time.

    Its definatly worth a look, but it could have been better.

  9. Pure


    Xbox 360

    5 New from  £18.89  Free delivery

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     Another Disney Classic


    Played the demo on XBL, and was hook straight away, i cant put it down. Its Motorcross madness on a much larger, faster, more brutal scale. Graphics are amazing. You've got fully customisible quad bikes.

    Its one game that should be on everyones wish list.

    A MUST BUY!!

  10.  Not for nerds of the original trilogy.


    This film is good fun to watch. I've read alot of negative reviews of this film, which i dont agree with. Yes this is marketed at the new younger fans, but its still very humerous and is action packed.

    If you liked the Cartoon network clone wars series, u'll like this!! The CGI animation is superb, and it definatly brings new life to the franchise.

    Its a very imaginative way of filling in the gaps between the prequels, although i think there could be more made of Anakins dark side trates seen in the 2nd movie.

    Ambrace its new vision, its a great film for all lovers of the 2 trilogys.