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  1.  Fantastic! I don't know what people are complainging about!


    I bought these headphones despite reading a lot of negative reviews. You have to take into consideration that for the price people buying these just want some decent headphones that give decent sound. If you're a proper audiophile then you're not going to be spending under 20quid!!

    The sound is great, listened to all types of music from classical to drum and bass and it handles it well. I use these with my iPhone 3GS and the microhphone works great and people can hear me really clearly. The microphone has one button which has many features. It can be pressed once to answer an incoming call or hang up after the call is done. When the phone is idol one press starts the mp3 player and another then pauses it. If you double press then it skips to the next track, if you triple press then it goes back to the previous track. If you hold down the button then the voice activation starts.

    The headphones feel very well made and they also come with a protective pouch, which is good because i was always shoving my old headphones in my bag and they got ruined.

    If you want a good sound producing earphones with a mic for your iPhone then I would recommend getting these while they're cheap!

  2.  Fantastic piece of kit!


    I needed something small for the gym as I was tired of carrying a heavy mp3 player and stumbled across this on play.com and thought i'd give it a try as it was only £17.99. I'm incredibly impressed with the little thing. Great build quality, looks sleek and does a great job. The buttons are touch sensitive and very responsive, great sound quality, holds around 30 albums, which for me is plenty! The built in radio is a great little extra too! In terms of ease of use its so simple. A little button pushes out the USB stick and from there it's just a case of drag and drop onto the player. This is also how it charges the battery up. The battery life is impressive and it doesn't take very long for it to reach full charge when connected to your computer. I would very much recommend this to anyone. If i was to say one bad thing about it, that would be that in the sunlight it can be a bit hard to see the screen, but really that's just me being too critical! Get one!

  3.  Not the same as a normal FPS


    I bought this game on the back of all the good reviews that were posted here. Never played the previous Fallout games but thought i'd give it a go. I'm a big fan of COD etc and thought that this was going to be on the same level. I didn't realise that there was a lot more to this game than just shooting and killing (which is what i wanted in a game) for example maintaining the condition of your weapon, monitoring your raidation level, interacting with other characters in the game to find out information. It felt to me like a cross between a FPS and an RPG! I think if you've got a lot of time to put into this game it will be awesome, but if you're like me and just looking for a COD style shooting game this game might frustrate you. Get COD5 or Resistance 2 if you're like me, or if you're looking for a proper RPG then wait til the end of March for the new Final Fantasy :-)

  4.  Fantastic!


    This surround sound system is incredible!! Bought it to go with our Samsung 37" T.V and the whole system looks sweet. The sound quality, whether you're watching a film, or playing music through it is crisp! 1000 watt RMS is so much power, I have had it up to the maximum volume whilst watching Predator and I can't say a bad thing about it! The other brilliant thing about this system is the bluetooth and USB features. I have a few .avi files which i can just whack on my USB stick, plug it into the system and away you go, couldn't be simple.

    If you are looking to get a new surround system, buy this one, and you won't be disappointed!!