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  1.  1 star docked for dodgy batarang!


    Outstanding game. The Batman you always wanted and knew they could make. Looks great, plays great, and a meaty challenge to get through. Definitely five stars and probably game of the year to date.

    But the box set? Oh well. Plastic batarange aside not even the arkham asylum villain journal is anything more than a thin paper pamphlet. You don't even get a case for the game in the box, just a cardboard slipcase!

  2.  At the right price ...


    Totally agree with the last review. Not sure why these retail at over £80 normally. Figure is nice quality, poses well, and comes with alternative hands. But only value for money at under thirty pounds, I wouldn't have given it 4 stars at the normal price.

  3.  Creepy .. Crawly ..


    You know when you see a spider run across your living room floor and you can't help but watch where it goes and that creepy way its legs move? Well, if that fascinates you, then you'll love Deadly Creatures. In the meanwhile, your little sister will probably scream when she sees it.

    Deadly Creatures is a surprisingly top notch third party Nintendo Wii game. It captures beatifully the movement of the spider and scorpion and places them in environments just as it would probably feel like to be one of these arachnids. It oozes creepy crawly atmosphere everywhere.

    The gameplay is fun, and while the explore, fight, and solve elements may feel familiar, having eight legs to do it with never does. An original, surprising, and excellent adventure.

  4.  Cinematic Horror At It's Best


    Trust me, I'm not a guy who gives five stars so readily, but Alone In The Dark is a cinematic game that had captivated me for a long while on Wii so I really looked forward to seeing the PS3 version.

    Granted, there are the odd bugs present still here and there but they rarely show themselves, and for the most part you'll be engrossed in a survival horror movie with some spectacular scenes that insist you keep coming back to see the next part. Oh, and there is the added bonus of new levels (not on 360 or PC) within the chapters for PS3, including a smart subway train chase.

    It's clear from the reviews that Alone In The Dark is not for everyone, but for those looking for adventure, a great story, a few scares, and some smart graphics, you'll have a tough time finding another title that ticks so many of the boxes and this sure is the definitive version.

  5. Iron Man

    Iron Man

    Nintendo Wii

    2 New from  £19.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £4.08

     Needs a second chance ...


    I bought Iron Man for Wii and for PS3. Trust me, they are like two different games.

    The Wii version is graphically very messy, with poor explosions, disappearing men, and a washed out bland looking Iron Man. But what it loses in appearance, it does make up for in a smart control system to navigate Iron Man around and is easy to lock on to enemies to destroy them. It's also relavtively easy and you'll soon be cruising thought the levels (of which fortunately, there are plenty of).

    In contrast, Iron Man PS3 is graphically stunning but plays awkwardly with some clumsy controls making for great looking but very frustrating experience. I preferred the Wii version. Though you don't get to power up your armour in as much depth and it doesn't have the sub bonus missions.

    Worth a go, but you might just need to be a fan.

  6.  Brave experiment gone wrong ..


    I bought this game with some trepidation after reading lots of internet reviews. And after some considerable play, it leaves me feeling divided.

    On the one side, the concept is very bold of Atari. It's not so much an action adventure game, and more like you are playing a part in a story. The atmosphere, set scenes, and some of the controls work really well. On the other hand ...

    The Wii version has turned out something of a graphical disaster, looking more like a PS2 game than it's 360 counterpart. And in parts, the gameplay just doesn't hold up being both messy and / or buggy.

    If you're into Alone In The Dark, you might enjoy this, I did, and was glad I gave it a try. But it won't be to everyone's taste, and may end up as a trade in sooner than you'd hope.

  7.  For any Sega fanboy ...


    I'll be honest, I'm a Sega fan, but was concerned this could just be a mediocre title hidden behind some themed levels of Sega's golden list of classic games.

    Superstar Tennis though, is indeed, a fun game in it's own right. While not as clever perhaps as Virtua Tennis, it is a fun tennis game that plays well, presents a challenge, and has some varied and fun mini games to boot.

    The icing on the cake though, without doubt, is those Sega game levels for all us retro maniacs. From Space Harrier to Space Channel 5, from Out Run to Nights, and from Golden Axe to House Of The Dead. They're all here. And you'll have a ball unlocking each and everyone of them ...

  8.  Putting in the hours


    At first looks Beowulf appears pretty awful. The first level chase scene and end of level boss look shoddy and the gameplay is awkward to get to grips with due to some finnicky controls. However ..

    Persevere a couple of hours in and you will be rewarded. Beowulf is atmospheric, tense and gripping in the later levels. Facing the Grendel is a joy and tracking down his mother the game really begins to kick in.

    Overall, I found Beowulf well worth the effort and play in the end, but could understand the casual gamer being put off at that uninspiring first level.

  9.  Oh no Sega


    Oh dear. This is clearly a PS2 product dumped onto a PS3 blu-ray disc. Substandard graphics with dull and repetitive gameplay. Not what you would expect from the mighty Sega. Golden Compass may entertain young children for a while who may overlook it's shoddy appearance and enjoy the simplistic puzzles, but if you're over the age of around ten then avoid.

  10.  Surprise boost!


    Not the kind of game I'd normally buy, but I was intrigued by the eye toy gimmick. But it's no gimmick, the eye toy works superbly well in this strategy card game and as for the game itself, well, it was full of surprises! Excellent standard of graphics, loads of gaming options, and great game to play. Add to that the fact that it's expandable and you could just go on and on with the Eye of Judgement.

    So it surprised me, I thought it would be okay, kind of interesting, but it's refreshing and great fun. Can easily recommend it for one player, two players or online!