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  1.  very good


    If you are a fan of the previous encounters of rainbow six you will like this however it is not as good as splinter cell the graphics are decent and the gameplay is excellent so i would recommend it for the price seeing as the game is fairly short

  2.  Excellent just a bit too short


    This game is excellent. Clever story and missions even the side-missions are enjoyable. The fighting is very good and only beaten by the prince of persia like running through town. The only problem is it took me less than a week to finish so that was disappointing as well as the ending. But still i would still buy this game as it's very good fun even though short-lived

  3.  This is great, but make sure your computer can handle it


    When i first brought this game i used on my old computer it was very good but the game would sometimes crach randomly and the battles were very slow this made the game very annoying

    However on my new computer this game is shown to be world class the graphics are incredible and the battles look very realistic i like the fact that it is now rome total war style but better you can march anywhere and the cities and towns are much more advanced my favourite new thing is the little movies you get when you use an assassin or a spy showing them succeding or failing.

    The gameplay style is very simular to rome total war but more advanced just make sure your computer is very up-to-date otherwise it won't work properly and the game is ruined my old computer wasn't slow or bad but your computer must hi-tech for this to work

  4.  Rockstar Please Stop


    After you get San Andreas stop buying the GTA series. All this game is Rockstar stealing money from you at the cost of ruining GTA repuatation. Don't get this.

  5.  Not As Good As Before


    This game although it has better graphics and fighting gameplay it not as good as the sands of time.

    The story line is flawed and this game is too frustrating. I recommend saving your money for the sands of time. Not this.

  6.  GTA Peaks Here


    This game is the best of the series it allows the charater to be an entrepreneur, a ladies man and a just a general chaotic maniac all in one.

    Just like all GTA you earn respect the hard way. The missions are fun and well thought out. The sub-missions which usually a bit let down are not so in this.

    The main part of the game is to take over Vice City with the obstacles of betrail and the VCPD makes the game fun and challenging.

    Of course there is hidden packages and rampages, but just like before they are easy to ignore.

    The radio stations in this are the best out of all the series. Although most of you don't care about that it still adds to list of many reason why this is the best and why you should buy it now.

  7.  It Just Does Everything


    I love this game it combines to great game play ideas. Fighting and puzzle solving.

    The fighting the creatures is the game is fun and involes alot of showboating. You can jump over their head spin and knock them to ground in one attack and counter attack their counter attack of your orginal counter attack. The fighting controls are simple to use and you can take out loads of creatures at once. Although it is a challenge.

    The main part of the games involes you exploring the place trying to get to the top the watch tower. This is bery enjoyable you have to used brain power to work out how to advance to the next save point. To get there you have to swing on bars, slice down banners and run across walls. It can be tricky sometimes, but worth the effort.

    Don't get to blown away by the idea of being able to turn back time it just another way of having multiple lives just like any other game, but it can be used for fighting that involes you freezing an enemy in mide air giving you plently of time to slice him in half.

    This is a great game that i would recommend to anyone. Get in now and enjoy forever.

  8.  GTA In School


    This game does rip off GTA, but that like critising someone for looking to much like Brad Pitt.

    It is a good game just imagine GTA, but instead of guns it's slingshots and gaining respect from the Mafia it's the Jock you want respect from.

    Don't think the game is just in a school the game does involve leaving to go to surrounding areas to complete further missions.

    If you love GTA you'll like this. It's a games you will enjoy when the constant ruining series of GTA get on you're nerves.

  9.  Does Disappoint


    If you are fan of the crash series then i'm sorry to say the series peaks at crash 3.

    It takes far to long to load and it has failed to move on and make improvements. In fact they have done the opposite. I admire that they are trying to go back to crash 3 after the great shame of crash bash, but they have failed.

    The game is OK. The graphics are great for the PS2 and driving some of the vechiles is fun, but only get this if you are under the age of 10 and haven't played the orginal games because if you have you will feel let down immensly.

  10.  Get This Game Remember Why You Like Simulator Games


    This game show the greatness of retro games. It's simple to pick up and learn and is, as with all great games, very addictive.

    This game uses a simple level system when you sucessfully build a self running hospital you advance to the next level which unlocks more machines, more dieases and more of a challenge.

    This game does have a good comical factor. You get pop heads and reinflate them and also being hairy is a diease.

    If i was being hyper critical i would have to say on the last few levels the amount of money that is needed to win is very high and takes a while to reach it even after you built the perfect hospital and you have nothing to do accept sit there and wait.

    But that tiny flaw doesn't ruin a truly great classic. If you are tired with new Sim games that focus all on graphics then get back to basics with this and you won't be disappointed.