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  1.  One of the Great War Films (even though it's WW2!)


    In true Attenborough style the film was made before CGI but still packs the punch. An all star cast including Michael Caine, Anthony Hopkins, Sean Connery, Dirk Bogarde, James Caan, Elliot Gould and Lawrence Olivier show just how epic this film is. The plot is straight forward, the Allies decide to send three groups of paratroopers to hold three bridges so that a huge line of tanks and trucks can ride through and make a huge amount of ground on the Germans. In other words, it is "Operation Market Garden". As the name says it was a bridge too far due to intelligence showing panzer tanks was ignored as rubbish from Holland. If you like the history of the Wars then this is a great film to watch, if you like war films, this is a great film to watch, basically this is a great film and should be up there with the best. It is possibly my favourite military film based in the Second World War ever (though Saving Private Ryan is also good!).

  2.  The Definitive Western


    Clint Eastwood has been in a few westerns. A few he directed and starred. This is his ultimate version of the genre, a variety of influences leading to a great film. You can see glimpses of his previous films such as "the Good, the Bad and the Ugly", "the Outlaw Josey Wales" and even "Dirty Harry" (which has many western qualities). If you are new to westerns then this is a good one to start with, if you like westerns you will love this, if you love westerns you will adore this! With Richard Harris, Morgan Freedman, and Gene Hackman (who won an Oscar for his role) this is a great winner of the Oscar for Best Film 1992. I've seen some good films but this has got to be up there with the very best!

  3.  Brilliant if it's your kind of thing


    If you don't like first-person shooters then this is not for you. If you do then it so is! True there aren't many weapons, the story is a bit dodgy, you can't get in tanks, cars or turrets and there is no multiplayer, but if you are looking for a challenging FPS then this is right up your street. Plus, there are the graphics. Fantastic! Everything blows up, and the detail is fantastic! A classic adrenaline pumping, action packed shooter even with the downsides.

  4.  Just Awful


    There are only two planes available for use! The gameplay is not good either. You cannot do any plane techniques such as loop-the-loop or a barrel roll. It is boring and every mission is the same: bombing or shooting. This may sound harsh but it is true. There is no flare put in this game. The only thing going for this is the price but still not worth it.

  5.  And you thought the first one was good!


    This is fantastic. If you've played the first Battle For Middle Earth then you will expect something better for a sequel. You won't be disappointed.

    First off is the extra factions. Gondor and Rohan have been brought together into one "Men of the West" as it should be. Of course there's Mordor and Izengard but there are three new factions: Elves, Dwarves and Moria. This brings many new heroes including Glorfindel, an elf who was missed out of the film, Gloin, one of the thirteen dwarves that travelled with Bilbo and also if you find the ring in skirmishes then you have the chance to send Sauron or Galadriel onto the field of battle and they are amazing!

    Each faction has a unique fortress which can be upgraded with a powerful weapon. My personal favourite is the elves' as they can summon an eagle with no extra cost to command points!

    The create-a-hero feature is reasonably good but the customisation needs more options in the way of armour etc. However with the "Rise of the Witch King" expansion there are some more. The feature gives you the option of having a Troll hero or creating your own wizard! The powers they can have are very good and quite creative for example wizards can turn their enemies into cows!

    These are just a few features in the game and I hope that I have shone some light for those unsure on whether to buy this fabulous game. Besides the fact it is based around Lord of the Rings it is a great RTS and should go down in history as one of the best.

  6.  Sooo Good


    This is an awesome game. 15 bosses that you need rep and skill to even face. Then there is a good chance of winning their car. Brilliant. A lot of the time can be spent evading police but this is no easy feat once SUVs, spike strips, road blocks and helicopters are deployed to take you in. Pursuit breakers cause various forms of disaster that can take out the cops and short cuts, evasive driving and aggression will be needed once the going gets really tough. Fantastic. It's been out for a while but I just can't put it down. Great Fun!

  7.  What happened here?


    NFS: Most Wanted was and still is one of my favourite games. 15 bosses and that means a load of cars to be won. From Mustangs to Aston Martins this is a dream. Running from the police is fun and blood pumping. NFS: Carbon lacks the scale of Most Wanted and with only 4 bosses this is not a long game. True there are good cars, autosculpt which is very good and having team mates can be useful. However, this does not excuse the lack of length and therefore you will finish this game before you realise you've bought it. Disappointing...

  8.  What a disaster!


    If you've ever played Spider-Man 2 then you know it can get repetitive. However, this game takes repetitve to new levels. The takeover the city part of the game has around ten different types of missions. Yes they're good at first, but when you have done them again and again and again... You get the picture. Then, the game is over before you've settled with the controls! When you get through the introductory mission you've already completed 10%! I mean come on, you can finish it in an hour. There are collectable pieces of meteorites and emblems but there are too many of them and finding them will bore you to death. The graphics are satisfactory but it seems the PS2 version has been left as they concentrate on the newest consoles, the PS3 etc.
    Basically, stay away from this one...

  9.  Even better than POTC:Legend of Jack Sparrow


    If you liked the first POTC game you will love this one. Being able to play as Jack, Will, Elizabeth or Barbossa (depending on the mission) and then being able to replay levels with other characters including the Pirate Lords or Davy Jones himself it is a fantastic game. Plus the combat system is not as repetative as the first one and being able to force enemies into barrels and over the side of the ship to kill them it is enjoyable and funny. There is an innovative 'jackanism' feature where you help Jack to defeat enemies in the way only he could think of. Fantastic

  10.  A POTC fan's dream


    Not only does this game follow POTC: Curse of the Black Pearl but we see into the life of Jack Sparrow at little more. Everyone loves the little stories he tells of how he sacked ports without firing a shot, well you get to live through some of these side lines. With the help of Will or Elizabeth you will defeat the evil Barbosa and save Elizabeth from his clutches. The cut scenes are fabulous showing Jack in all his glory and the graphics aren't bad either. To make this game even better, Johnny Depp himself is the voice of Jack Sparrow as no one else could deliver such a performance!