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  1.  good but actually makes me feel i have walked that far!


    This game would be one of the best games out today if only they had made the maps bit smaller, or some way of getting to places quicker!i love roaming round the vast planes and jungles of the game but sometimes it takes far to long to get to a mission, and when you get there the mission takes about 2 mins then you have to go all the way back!

    I played this game solid for a week and was only just half way through!

    Anyway the games graphics are amazing, the enemy ai is pretty good, the weapons are realistic and look very nice, the fire in the game is good(even tho sometimes things just burst into flames). Wounding enemies with a sniper rifle then waiting for there pals to pick them up.......then shooting them both is really fun!

    This game has only really been let down by how huge the environments are, maybe a helicopter would have made it better.hopefully i will pick this up again soon.

  2.  good game but...


    this is a pretty good game, graphics are of a good standard but they could have done a better.nice cut scenes, that resemble a frank miller comic. the fighting is good a little bit of a button mash fest, but you can string together some nice combo's. fighting the bigger enemies is fun which ends in a spiderman 3 style button sequence.

    overall this is a fun game to play through quick,very gory (not for kids) and you get some easy gamer points!got about 150 from playin about 30 mins!

  3.  5 stars!!!!....pah!TEN STARS!**********


    Reading through the reviews that many people have written about this game has shocked me to the core!....how can anyone give this game 3 stars or less!
    This game is one of the main reasons I bought a xbox 360, since I first played about 2 years ago I have loved this game and have never not loved it! The single player campaign is so atmospheric, lighting effects on the game are still some of the best out there, cut scenes are brilliant. The cover system in the game works very well, the on screen prompts help you learn what to do easily. The weapons in the game are fantastic they feel real, very gritty, make you feel like you need to oil and clean them when you get to the checkpoints! Characters are very well written with acting close to a cgi film (which would be amazing if you're reading this Mr. maker of GOW).
    I have played the game countless times and it gets better the harder the difficulty setting.
    There is no better feeling on a game than poppin locusts heads with a sniper rifle!
    Gears of war 2 will be immense!
    If you own a 360 and you don't have this game you need to buy it now! It will be the best £17.99 you spend! Even full price you wont be disappointed!

  4. Skate


    Xbox 360

    4 New from  £14.77  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £29.38

     a must buy for skate board fans!


    i really like watchin skateboard vids!they are sweet!this game is like playing a skate vid in real time!i have had it for 2 days now and i crave playing on it wen i'm not!i loved the tony hawks games to bits i nearly wore out my copy thps 3!tony hawks is now a dead game compared skate.download the demo then buy the game straight away!if you dont like it then the new tony hawks is comin out were you can do your 1000 mile long grinds and skate on a telephone wire whilst dancing with "stevo o" or "bam"!........this is a must have game for anyone, easy to pick up, the skating is so seamless. very good!

  5.  people have no sense!


    this is just a note to the people/fools who gave this movie one star!its based on a comic book!of course its gonna be cheesy!anyway this movie rocks!buy it and watch it for the rest of your days!