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  1.  A zombie fanatic's dream come true


    First off, I disagree with anyone claiming this game is a waste of money - it isn't. I've had it for a long time, but only just recently played it properly and I'm completely hooked. I am a big fan of zombie films so I might be a bit prejudiced, but still, I will recommend it to anyone that likes free-roaming games with lots of surprises.

    There's a few things about Dead Rising that make it great: the vast size of the mall (it's kinda like playing GTA but in a mall, basically), the number of zombies you get on the screen at once without any sign of lag, the freedom to use just about anything as a weapon, and the characters. The graphics too, even though not revolutionary are crisp and clear.

    The boss fights are hilarious, and the psychopaths are excellent, and quite creepy at times too. The 'acting' is brilliant in comparison to a lot of games, and most of the time it really does feel like you're playing in Dawn of the Dead. But of course there are problems, even though I wouldn't say they're too serious.

    The save method is annoying, as there's not many places to actually save, but I feel it can be a benefit too. Yes, you can actually save the game at a point that makes it impossible to complete the story, but it's part of the challenge and you just need to plan the game out more, rather than saving without thinking about it. Also, returning survivors to the security room is a real pain, since it takes a lot of time and uses a lot of your weaponry and health, just to get right near your destination and have the survivor swamped by zombies and eaten alive.

    But putting small faults aside, Dead Rising is a brilliant free roaming horror fest that covers a lot of ground that Resident Evil hasn't (plus, it has a much better zombie movie feel to it that Resident Evil seems to have almost completely strayed away from). If you like zombies, and survival horror games, but prefer to play seriously, buy Resident Evil 4. If you like the above, but also like to have a lot of fun with your gaming, buy this.

    Dead Rising, in a way, is the Mario Kart of the survival horror genre, and a damn good game too.

  2.  Moving


    I myself am a bit of a critic, but I'm never harsh for the sake of being harsh. If I watch something that really affects me then I'll write about it.

    This film affected me. I'd seen clips, heard reviews and expected a lot, and I have to admit it was definitely what I expected. Arguably it's very disturbing, but that's all part of the quality of the film. I enjoy films that have emotional consequences from watching them, and this is one of them. A lot of decent British films always succeed in creating a genuinely disturbing atmosphere; something that most Hollywood blockbusters can't even touch upon.

    This Is England is a brilliant film. If you're one of those overly P.C people that refuses to touch anything with a racial reference, don't watch this film (even though it does show the dark side of a racist society and not encourage it, a lot of people are too naive to actually realise this). The acting is spot on, and very convincing, and also quite un-nerving in places. Thomas Turgoose is the undoubted star of the film as Shaun, and Stephen Graham is terrifying as racist National Front skinhead Combo.

    In places this film made me happy, sad, shocked, nervous and in points, borderline choked up. That to me makes a good film

  3.  The only Popeye boxset you should ever own


    Words cannot describe how great this boxset is. Don't waste your money buying any other Popeye DVD... this is the one you'll want. The first of 2 boxsets full with classic black and white Fleischer Popeye cartoons from the 1930s. All cartoons are completely restored and unedited from the original masters, and nothing is cut out or changed to suit today's highly politically-correct obsessed society.

    The cartoons are brilliant, I've always loved them, and to be able to own them on DVD finally is fantastic. Of course the only downside is that this is a Region 1 boxset and probably won't ever be released for UK DVD players, but if like me you a Popeye fan and are able to play any region DVD, you are in luck.

    Buy it, you won't regret it.

  4.  A welcome return... sort of


    To start with, I don't agree with anybody who says this film is boring, or not funny. Arguably it's not quite the TV series but that isn't going to happen with a big budget film. Let's face it, unless Rowan gets younger and suddenly Bean inspired, the Bean TV series died out ages ago.

    Secondly, I'd like to say that this film does definitely have its funny moments. I find it VERY entertaining to watch, and where it loses out on the classic Mr Bean hilarious moments, it makes up for them with scenes that make you feel warm and fuzzy inside (so to speak).

    Another point is that this film, despite what people say shows Bean much more as his old self than in Bean the Movie. He rarely speaks, and when he does, he utters the same repetitive phrases, or silly noises. This is the Bean I remembered... not the speech giving, singing 'Dr Bean' from the first film. Still, Bean has evolved to so speak, and some people don't like that. I for one loved the film, despite the obvious changes from the old Bean (Rowan said himself in the extras that he was struggling to keep up with the role sometimes).

    All in all, a great, funny and moving film for Bean fans and Bean newbies alike. The only reason that I missed out a star was that I felt the ending was too short and pretty irrelevant, but I'll not give any more away.

  5.  Not as bad as it looks


    This is one of those DVDs that I've seen in the shops a few times but steered well clear of because of how tacky it looks. The case cover is poorly printed, the title looks off, it just looks awful. But for around £20, being a B-Movie enthusiast I found it to be a good price. Most (if not all) of these films are available seperately from the 'Dead of Night Collection' for about £5 a piece, and this collection gives you 10 of them in one package.

    The presentation is one reason I missed a star, the other reason is that these films really are awful to most people's standards. They're mostly tacky, and badly acted and dubbed in places. But if like me you enjoy tacky, gorey, laughable horror flicks then you might just enjoy this. I bought it mostly for the first film "Birds of Prey (AKA "Beaks The Movie" - what a name!), which is basically a badly dubbed, overly gorey rip off of Hitchcock's "The Birds". Funny stuff, and actually surprisingly watchable.

    I'd recommend this to real tacky B-Movie lovers. Otherwise, steer well clear.

  6.  A better, evolved sound


    Despite what some, ok most people say about Papa Roach, this album is a sign that no matter what stereotype gets thrown at them, they're still an evolving band. The Paramour Sessions is Papa Roach's most mature sound yet, and musically it's a fantastic album.

    I disagree with comments on Jacoby's vocals. He is sounding the best that he ever has on this album. Infact all the band are top notch, and have improved in a lot of ways. Some of the tracks are less grabbing, but there isn't a bad track on this album, not one. The best in my opinion being "My Heart is a Fist" - an extremely powerful and moving song, which I hate to admit, is something I'd come not to expect from Papa Roach after their last album.

    All in all it's a brilliant album for metal, rock and Papa Roach fans alike. It's different to their other albums, but has some clean influences left over from "Getting Away With Murder", but vastly improved. The fans that weren't too fond of the 'pop' sound of Scars will be glad to know that the mellow tracks on this album are much deeper, and less, well, 'Scars-like'.

    Buy it, you can't go wrong getting a fantastic album at this price. It's vastly under promoted and under rated, and deserves more recognition than it gets. This is a band that is constantly snubbed by a lot of people because of their past nu-metal influences. Remember, music does evolve, and this is a perfect example.