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  1.  Megatron when I'm done with you there wont be enough parts


    Great game with some nice suprises. Best part about this is the story. Gameplay starts slowly but once you have the ability to transform it steps up a gear. Better then Revenge of the Fallan but not as good as the original DS game. I like open world gameplay! Plus I like the positivity of the Autobots, I got the decepticon version for the previous games, their insults get depressing after a while. A must if you are a transformers fan. A good game for every one else. If you can only get one game this year get Chinatown Wars. If you can get 2 get this as well!

  2.  A great creative tool that's easy to use


    This is a brilliant expansion to a poor base game. EA/Maxi definitly made the right choice in delaying this for 6 months, the results show. Solves a lot of problems from the original Spore. It makes the Space stage less repetitive. Spore big plus was its creative features and this expansion allows you to test your creations. For me the big problem with the creativity of Spore.

    You can now create your own adventures! If you like creativity and developing your own stories this is a must. The tools are very intuitive to the point where you can develop a complex war scene in a couple of days. I made the Clone wars attack scene from Star Wars II in less then a week, and it looked good.

    Creativity in video games needs to go in this direction

  3.  Best freescape game around, for those how like choice in how


    For me this is the best 'Go anywhere' games since Spiderman 2. The missions have more then one solution, which removes from the repepition you find in the GTA games. I love the powers and the hugh variety and depth of side missions. I haven't played many games of this type, which may be half the reason I enjoy this one so much. Get it now!

  4.  If you are a fan get this


    I used to bunk RE to play Street Fighter 2 in the local cabbies. Now we can play online.

    I use a XBOX360 controller and it works reasonably well. I have a Geforce 9500 graphics card and the game runs a little slow on default settings. Some online opponents are slower then me.The game default in a 'window' as well! never seen that before. You have to get used too the speed changes for online play, it's not a problem tho. I've just ordered the Madcatz SF4 pad looking forward to that.

    It's great to play others from around the world with a game from my childhood. I love it. For the real experience, and to be able to pull of the supers and ultras you need the specialist Controller devices. You will be at a disadvantage online otherwise

  5.  Animals or Pets?


    If your expecting to hunt for food or fend of predators don't get this. If you want to pet and nurture wild animals and get a squirrel and bunny to make conversation then this is for you. There are better animal games and sims games out there

  6.  Pokemon with Wifi


    A great game that builds on the success of it's predecessors. Wifi battles and trading add to the longevity. If you're a fan a must purchase