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  1.  The best series since 2005


    This is by far the best series of Doctor Who since it came back in 2005. Matt Smith sells you in the first 10mins of the opener. It has a fabulous story arc and there are some stories which will go down in history.

    My ratings out of a possible 5 stars follows.

    The Eleventh Hour *****
    The Beast Below ***
    Victory of he Daleks ****
    The Time of Angels ***
    Flesh and Stone ***
    The Vampires of Venice ***
    Amy's Choice ****
    The Hungry Earth ****
    Cold Blood ****
    Vincent and The Doctor *****
    The Lodger ***
    The Pandorica Opens *****
    The Big Bang *****

  2.  A Good Series


    This is, as the artwork states the 7th series since Doctor Who revival in 2005! But to be honest not its best, for me that is still Series 5 (2010). Here are my star ratings out of a possible 5

    The Doctor, The Widow and the Wardrobe **
    Asylum of the Daleks ****
    Dinosaurs on a Spaceship ***
    A Town Called Mercy **
    The Power of Three **
    The Angels Take Manhattan *****
    The Snowmen *****
    The Bells of Saint John ****
    The Rings of Akhatten **
    Cold War ****
    Hide ****
    Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS ****
    The Crimson Horror ****
    Nightmare in Silver ***
    The Name of the Doctor *****



    Ok. so when i found out this set was going to be avaliable i jumped at the chance to find out when it was out and to find a great price. play.com is where i found this. for just 26.99 you get 2 great highly detailed action figures of the 11th doctor. in a new costume from the latest episode 'A Christmas Carol' and Amy Pond, who is now in a new outfit. her very well liked police/kissogram outfit. if you know what i mean. also this set comes with a new and IMPROVED TARDIS. the comcept is pretty much the same. this is NOT electronic but is more accurate then the previous one released in may 2010. the new white windows make the tardis look nicer to see and play with. However it still seems to have the speaker on the back of it.

    However problems aside i find this set well worh the money and i think if you are a collector of the new series. or of doctor who in general. then buy this set. it will complete you collection. well until more action figures.

    oh and bow ties are cool, fez's are cool and so is doctor who

    happy new year

    all the best to you all