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  1.  Worsed headphones I have ever bought...


    Now let me explain that I have had a pair of in-ear skullcandy headphones and found them to be brilliant - good sound, hard wearing and came in a nice protective case.

    I am a web designer an so usually listen to music whilst I work for around 8-10 hours per day and it's not ideal to use in-ear headphones for so long.

    Somewhat stupidly, I assumed that because the SkullCandy in-ear headphones are good, the over-ear headphones will follow suit... it couldn't be further from the truth.

    I opened the box and the first thing I noticed was how cheap they felt (I know 60 quid is not a massive amount, but I wouldn't expect the build quality to be so bad).

    You know that really light and brittle plastic that is used on things like disposable cameras and lids for things like cleaning products? yep... thats the kind... the type if you drop it the lid will shatter into tiny bits and you have to throw the bottle out.... well most of the plastic on these headphones is made from that. A lot of the moulding joints don't fit together properly and they creak and squeak like mad if you don't stay perfectly still.

    Now, there is a bottle opener concealed in the top band of the headphones, which can be removed and for me, suggests that these headphones are for DJ's. I couldn't use them for 15 mins let alone DJ's using them for hours and hours each day and getting knocked around with equipment.

    For the price I paid I could have bought a nice pair of Sony Wireless headphones, Sennheiser headphones or similar.

    For now, I have requested to return the product and will be looking around for a new pair.

    Skullcandy - shame on you. The profit margin on these products must be massive as the raw material quality is unbelievably low.

    Play.com - you probably have these returned all the time... you should cease future orders from Skullcandy until they can improve quality (or lower price a lot to reflect the current quality) and keep your warehousing space for products that aren't going to be returned the day the customer receives them!

    (Also, i wanted to give this zero stars but the system means you have to have at least one)

  2.  Mason1182 RE: Need Help


    Hi Mason1182,

    it may be possible to use this with the Virgin+ hd box but Virgin rather annoyingly removed the RF output on the back of the box which means you cannot conntect a coaxial cable to feed to a second TV. To get around this you will need to connect a scart to the back of the virgin box and then connect the scart to a universal modulator (this works like old VCR's which allowed a scart input feed and an rf output). You can then run the RF output to the second TV. The other issue is that sky boxes allow infra red commands to be sent through the eye product shown, down the coaxial and into the rf output of the box. Virgin boxes cannot do this so you will need to add an infra red repeater (which takes the signal sent through the coaxial and emits it from a small box near the Virgin box). We use a universal modulator box and a BlueDelta Smart Blaster & eye set.

    Our setup is like this: 2nd TV -to- BlueDelta Smart Eye -to- Coaxial Cable -to- BlueDelta Smart Blaster -to- Universal Modulator -to- Scart Cable -to- Virgin+ HD Box -to- HDMI Cable -to- Main TV

    The quality on the second tv is not perfect closeup but 4-6foot away it is quite clear and definitely watchable

    Hope this helps :-)