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  1.  Brilliant


    Fantastic transfer, looks and sounds beautiful.
    Oh and for the benefit of the poster below, Snow White was produced in a full frame ratio, widescreen versions have been cropped. Here you are getting the FULL picture

  2.  gloriously grainy!


    No review of the film here...you should know it by now, even the superior director's cut that's been arround on LD and import DVD for years.

    The Blu-ray is very good. Lossless audio is sweet and the PQ is very good. Grain is present throughout but that IS A GOOD THING since it still looks like a film and not some digitally enhanced waxy mess. The level of HD detail is excellent.

    This was viewed on a 40 inch panel so I can't comment for you larger screen users but I noticed no obvious DNR, edge enhancement etc on my quick run through.

    Well worth the upgrade on my old Japanese Integral version DVD

  3.  edge enhancement and DNR, check and check!


    Not sure how anyone can say this is a stellar transfer..and then bash ghostbusters. Ghostbusters has grain..as it is supposed to. It's a GREAT transfer because it preserves the intended look of the film(colour timing issues aside.)

    Glasiator is better than the dvd but as a Blu-ray the PQ is no more than 3 out of 5. The edge enhancement nd DNR is, in someplaces, quite shocking. I can only assume positive reviews don't know what those look like or don't care. If you want all your blu-rays to display it's actors with a white halo effect then this is for you. Me, I prefer a film to look like film, with grain presented as is quite often intended by director with choice of film stock and post production processes.

    That said, the sound is fantastic and the extras make this a 4 star package. Shame the PQ is average (but still better than dvd.)

  4.  don't believe the forum doom sayers


    This transfer is not as bad as many have stated. Yes it has some edge enhancement and DNR and, if you watch frame by frame, I am sure the missing detail might be noticed...but on a 40 inch display it's still vastly superior to DVD.

    Is it perfect? No, but it's not the worst transfer in Blu-ray history as some would have you believe. Picture quality 3 out of 5 stars. Audio is 4.5 out of 5. Overall package gets 4 stars.

    Summary: Not perfect but MUCH better than upconverted DVD.

  5.  outstanding value for money


    I just upgraded from an old 5.1 Panny and the difference is unbelievable, even with my budget pioneers speaker set up. If you are looking for an entry level 7.1 amp to decode lossless audio, this is where to look. The auto calibration feature is a snip to use so you'll be up and running in no time. My only slight complaints are as follows:

    Speaker connectors are fiddly unless you are using banana plugs.
    You can't map both audio and video functions from HDMI inputs to other buttons on the remote. E.g. there is a dedicated button on the remote for Blu-ray player but if you've connected it via HDMI (which of course you will) you have to use one of the HDMI buttons on the remote - seems a silly oversight.
    Lastly, the display is all in blue...call me fussy but I'd like the DTS Master and True HD symbols to light up in a different colour to make them stand out. But again, that's me being pedantic over an extremely minor aesthetic issue.

    Other than those tiny tiggles, I can't fault this kit...it sounds fantastic. If you have a budget of less than £300 for an HD 7.1 receiver with 4 HDMI inputs, don'tlook anywhere else.

  6.  Grain versus DNR


    Does this have grain? Yep, as some have said quite a lot in some scenes. But film has grain, some film stock more than others. I wonder if all the people screaming about film grain complain when a transfer has been DNR'd to hell? I'll take grain every time. I would prefer less than is present in some scenes here but I would still rather have the grain than over enthusiastic application of DNR.

    If you can get past the grain issue, this is actually a very good (not great) transfer. The HD detail is very good and the colour timing issue of the previous DVD version seems to have been fixed. People saying the DVD (and even VHS!) look better - sorry, you need your eyes testing.

    What is noticible are the matte lines but that's to be expected with effects laden 80s films given the HD treatment. The sound is solid.

    Overall this is the best this film has looked and anyone saying different is mental. Yes it can look better - a 4k remaster would be nice - but it is FAR from 1 star as some have rated it.