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  1.  Brilliant!


    I'll keep this short and spoiler free. I have a rule, I will not buy anything that has the letters 3D in the title, 3D is a horrible gimmick and the sooner this fad dies the better.... now that said on to Dredd 3D, this is the only film that has made me break my rule. I watched it in 2D of course, this usually means things fly at the screen left right and center, this looks ridiculous and and you know they are there just to please the 3d viewers... not so with this one. There are moments you can tell are designed for 3d but they never interfere with your viewing experience, they have more substance than items being shot towards you, in fact the slow mo parts look pretty decent even in 2D. This film is brutal from start to finish, certainly not one for the children, it certainly sticks more to the source material than the 90's version. Speaking of which, Karl Urban manages to out act Stallone using only his chin! not that this film can be compared to the original judge Dredd in any way shape or form. The trailers to this did it no justice and seem to have put a lot of people off of it, ignore them, just watch this and as long as you have a strong stomach you will love it. I just hope enough people buy this so that a squeal is made....

  2.  Brilliant!


    First off, im a 20 something lad who generally likes films such as Predator, Terminator etc, im hardly the target audience for this film then. So imagine my suprise then as i put this on to discover one of the most genuinely brilliant films iv seen in a very long time! It is rather amazing how pixar have made a film about an almost mute robot so brilliantly entertaining. Not only are the story, the characters and animations superb but this is also the best looking blu ray iv ever seen, its right up there with start trek, deffinately a title to show off your HD TV. This then is a film that the whole family will adore, can't recommend it enough!

  3.  A must have!


    Babylon 5 put simply is the greatest sci fi show ever created! And this box set is a whole lot of B5 in a surprisingly compact box set (about 7"x8" due to the new slimmer packaging) and at an incredible price! 65 pound for all 5 series, all the films and the spin off series crusade is a bargain! If you've never seen B5, think the opposite of star trek, the characters are all flawed, humans aren't portrayed as the hero's all the time, this is a brilliant gritty show and your in for a treat. Those who have seen it will no doubt own this set all ready.

    The quality is unfortunately a little iffy at times, some scene's are almost vhs quality even on the good quality blu ray player I watched them on, for the most part however it is fine and seeing how this show is unlikely ever to see a remastered blu ray release due the cgi aspects requiring a whole re-do in such an event now is as good a time as any to buy this set, especially for the price.

    Buy now and enjoy :)

  4.  Amazing!


    Before I review the hog, let me start by saying, the A-10c is one of several modules available in the DCS series, the main software is actually free so head over to the eagle dynamics website and download DCS world right this second! Think of DCS world as a kind of operating system for these other modules of which there are 4 of currently, they are A-10c, KA-50 black shark 2, P51 mustang and flaming cliffs 3 so far with more on the way. Each module with the exception of FC3 concentrates on a single aircraft and models them in detail like you wouldn't believe. All the systems are modeled and the flight characteristics are as close as possible. ED are owned by the fighter collection so they know their stuff. DCS world also includes the SU-25 so you an get flying without spending a penny to see if this is for you or not... just lower the sensitivities on your joystick first or you'll end up frustrated.

    So onto the A-10. To put it simply, if you are into flight sims at all, you need this in your life. This is without doubt the greatest flight simulator ever created. I used to play FSX daily, since I got into DCS I honestly haven't touched FSX. The A-10 is an aircraft designed for one purpose... it fly's right into the danger zone, obliterates everything that stands in its way and gets the heck out of there. This then provides for some very entertaining flying in this title. Be aware though, you will have to read the manual on this one, the learning curve is huge!! All the systems are working and need to be learned. Fortunately, ED has included interactive training missions to get you started. There is also a game mode to lower the difficulty and simplify the flight model. Quite why anyone would want to use this is beyond me but its there so don't be put off if you have no patience to learn buttons and switches. Once you get to learn a few of the systems and start blowing up tanks with that thundering cannon on the A-10 you will really start to find it all very satisfying. There isn't much more I can really say about this title. Head over to you tube as there are plenty of video's of this thing in action. Also, do yourself a favor and shop around or wait for a sale, The A-10c was the first module and can be picked up for a bargain price these days. Just stop reading now.... go download DCS world, Add a few modules and thank me later.

    Happy flying!

  5.  Incredible!


    Il keep this review brief as anyone reading this will probably know all the technicle stuff already. Put simply, this is th best phone iv ever laid my hands on by a huge margin. Iv just had a Nokia N8 for the last 18 months, the S2 makes the N8 feel like the first mobile i ever owned in comparison. My gf got her Iphone 4s the very same day I got this, she'd waited months for that where as mine was a spur of the moment upgrade..... lets just say she is more than a little envious. The Iphone may be the must have phone of the moment, but make no mistake, the S2 stops it from being the best and by a long way. The screen is simply amazing, and movement is very fluid. This is my first android device, it was all very alien to me at first but after a few days im sold and never going back. The only bad points about this phone are the battery life and the loud speakers. The battery life is pretty poor if im honest, iv had to charge it every night, although to be fair iv played with it alot this week so it may improve later. the speakers are far from poor but the N8 i had before had much louder speakers which i Personally liked. Other than those two points the Galaxy S2 is perfect, stop pining an Iphone and get one of these, youl soon realise youve done the right thing.

    All the best.

  6.  Nice statue but....


    This diorama looks superb, it is a little shorter than the P1 dio but it doesn't really suffer for it. The paint application is quite good and i quite like the pose. The reason this didn't get 5 stars is simple..... the P1 dio is far better overall, the P1 features loads more details such as the trophey necklace with real sculpted skulls hanging around him, real tubing, a better base and better paint job. All that said this P2 statue is a great looking piece in it's own right, just with less detailing than it's predecessor. buy it now before they sell out and you have to pay twice as much on the secondary market ;)

  7. Apache



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    Iv had this sat on a shelf since it came out and thought id never get around to reading it, well the sun came out and my feet went up in the garden with Ed Macy's Apache in hand..... i was hooked and rather burned a couple of days later. This book is very well written, it appears to be a rather honest, very funny, and very sad at times account of the war in Afghanistan from the eye's of these very lucky, and brave individuals that fly the Apach Longbow. From the intense action sequences, the relationships of everyone involved, to the activities of Rocco who pops up throughout, this book will real you in from the start and reward you. I cant recommend it enough.

  8.  Nice!


    I very nearly spent 60 pounds on a razer mouse before seeing the reviews on this budget model.... im very glad i didn't. Iv just recieved my mouse and the difference after using the standard logitech that came with my new pc is immence! this thing is very comfortable for my large hands and it is very precise indeed. For me the buttons are placed perfectly fine. Just one thing, it looks silver in the picture above but it is infact all black, looks and feels very nice. Over all im very happy, for a tenner i doubt you will do any better than this one.

  9.  Superb!!!


    The first thing i have to mention about this film on blu ray is that it is quite simply the best looking BR title iv ever seen! the effects are incredible and the picture quality is absolutely fantastic, this one will certainly show off your set up.

    As for the film, iv always been a trek fan and for me, this film is the best thing to ever happen to the franchise. This film is unlike any trek before and be you a fan or avid hater this film is a fun blast from start to finish. All but the most hardcore trek fans should appreciate this film for what it is, it does change the charactors slightly from the original series but without giving away any story it does it in a very acceptable manner which i found enjoyable to watch. One Thing this film does well that i was happy to see is the ship battles, unlike previous trek films where the action could be slow and cumbersombe, Mr Abrams has done a superb job in directing the ship action in placing the camera and giving a feel of the huge scale of the ships, Its fast and frantic! The first 10 mins are a great example of this and set the film up nicely.

    In my opinion, this is the best film of the year and even better on Blu ray, buy it and enjoy.

  10.  Superb!


    Wher to start? well first of all i have to admit im a little biased. The F-16 has always been my favourite modern aircraft (second overall only to the spitfire) And when i purchased my new pc early this year i couldn't wait to get this add on. Did it dissapoint? ..... Not one bit!! i would go as far as to say that this is the only must have addon aircraft for FSX, there are others that come highly recommended (skysim hawk, realair spitfire etc etc) but as an F-16 fan at heart this is the one you really need to buy.

    The good points first of all. The first thing you will notice is that this model is beautifully created, every bolt, every tiny little detail is on view here and it looks simply outstanding!! Second, the VC (virtual cockpit) is simply the best iv seen of any virtual aircraft... ever! it is incredible and combined with trackir it does a good job of convincing you that you are sat in an F-16. Next is how this bird fly's, it may not be 100% accurate to the real world F-16 but put simply, it is a joy! this F-16 is so fast and agile, infact one of the main problems you will find with this aircraft is trying to slow it down enough to land, it just loves to whiz around at high speed. There are also many different paint options and load outs available, from fully loaded (and very heavy) USAF jets to unarmed and very light display jets such as the thunderbirds and RNLAF demo team. There are also extra skins available to download, Google "F-16 J-015" for a rather lovely paint job which can be found for this addon.

    It does of course have a few bad points which need mentioning. First of all, be aware, this Aerosoft F-16 is a frame rate killer!! even compared to fsx it's self this destroys your frame rates so you do need a decent set up to fly this jet to it's best. Second and my main complaint overall.... the rudder! now i know the real world F-16 doesn't like rudder input and the pilots rarely use any but for some reason, if you use the rudder on the aerosoft f-16 it simply rolls the jet at quite a high rate and doesn't provide any horizontal movement at all?! this seems weird to me and is rather annoying but you get used to flying without any rudder after a while. And last of all, not such a bad point but some may consider it so.... this F-16 has alot of switches etc and you really have to read the manual to get everything started, turning on the hud for example is a mission in it's self the first time, i like this however, very realistic.

    Overall, don't let the bad points put you off, i figured id better mention them but as you'l have noticed it still gets a 5 star rating from me, buy this and you'l rarely find yourself flying anything els i guarentee you :)

    All the best, and enjoy.