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  1.  gd game


    a gd game if a little to easy to complete over all a gd game

  2.  fantastic


    a old but still a good game loved it from when it came out still a good game to play

  3. Mafia II

    Mafia II


    4 New from  £10.37  Free delivery

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     good game


    good game if a little to short tho but a nice change from gta and saints row it is a good game much improvement fro the original game over all a good little game.

  4.  ok game


    not one of the best game from the need for speed series but is a ok game.

  5.  brill :)


    This game takes The Godfather to a new level. The graphics are in a sense better than the original not to mention different "weather conditions". This game is packed with many different extras including the "hit squad" that when charged and not on a mission can be activated calling four Corleone thugs to aide you in whatever it may be that you need them for (ie taking down rackets, warehouses, compounds). You can also hire a hitman to follow you around that has the same rank as you or less. Newer missions have been added to this game that give more of a back-story to the movie and also more footage from the movie (also, there are missions called favors which mainly boost respect). A couple new characters and vehicles come to light but not so much to go nuts over. Skill upgrades have been split into two categories, one known as Enforcer and the other called Operator. one boosts your more physical qualities while the other boosts you morale. The new SIXAXIS Wireless controller comes into play when handling some of the other family goons. Whether it's bashing someones face onto a counter, pushing them off a rooftop, or breaking their neck, it puts you into the game and gives you a feel like you are pulling off the moves (in a true gamers perspective anyways). A lot of the buildings have been redone so that when you go through some of the rackets it won't be like the original (you know the walk-in and "I know the layout of this place"). They have also changed the compounds up too. Overall, if you've played the original for PS2, you have got to get this. If you have never played The Godfather game, don't worry about the original because this is the one to have. I LOVE THIS GAME!

  6.  great fun


    UFC Undisputed 2010 is a good game. The controls are very much improved from 2009. Even if you or someone else is not a UFC fan, you or that person can just pick up the controller and learn the controls in 5 seconds. The only problem I have with 2010 is the Submission System. I can't seem to escape a submissions (I even followed the tutorial mode). There are lots of fighters in the game too. The online mode is okay too. Overall, this game is good. Some connection problems but everything else is fine.

  7.  brill fun


    really loved this game it is great easy to pick up and play a change from wwe and tna games over all a great game.

  8.  brill :)


    some friends recommended this game to me and its pretty bad ass. I don't have much else to say about it. I am sure there is already a hundred reviews on it. As an avid gamer this is one of my top 10.

  9.  more fun


    A game like Rock Band is all about the music. More tracks equal more fun. Of course you want the right songs and for me this pack had them. Normally I would just download different songs I like but I tend to like most songs on this pack so it was worth it to just get the whole pack.

    So take a look at the track list and if you like a majority of the songs then grab it. If not then just download the ones you want and save yourself some cash.

  10.  awesome


    Just great songs! they have 3 full albums and a few extra ones! To bad they dont have nimrod or insomniac but hey dookie American idiot and 21st century breakdown is good! DLC for the other albums would be sick!