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  1.  Best album of 2010


    I didnt enjoy Plan B's first album. There was a bit too much rap in it and i was expecting more. But this album is much different. His sould voice is easy to listen to and there isnt a bad song on the album. An instant buy without a shadow of a doubt.

  2.  Best gaming accessory ever!!!!


    I watched the E3 conference where they demonstarted the kinect. I instantly knew i wanted it. It is sublime. Fun for all the family and a really intelligent invention. I have had hours of fun and i would advise anyone in two minds about purchasing one to do it. The only reason i would knock off a star is that it come with Kinect Adverntures whcih is not a good game. If you do get Kinect you will need to purchase other games like Kinect Sports or Kinect Joy ride as Adventures is just terrible.

  3.  Wow


    I must say that if you own a 360 you need to play this game. It is the best game i have ever played. It is so well-done and so enthralling. I didnt stop playing it for hours and was really enjoying it. It is both challenging to the user and fun to play with no limits on what to do. The only reason i have knocked off a star is that it does beocme quite repetative. But it still keeps you on the edge of your seat all the time.

  4.  Genius


    For Hugh Laurie, a british actor, to play an american role was quite an odd casting choice i thought when i first heard of the show. But after watching it you couldnt tell the difference. His role as House is quite possibly the best role he has ever played. He is so witty and funny and you get so enthralled in his performances you forget that you are watching Hugh Laurie, you begin to think of him only as house. This TV show is needed in any good collection,

  5.  Best Film Ever Made


    My mum was always nagging me to watch this film and it always looked dull to me whenever i picked it up to put it on, But when i did eventually sit down and watch it, it became my favourite film of all time. The storyline is amazing and so heartfelt it will bring tears to anyone that watches it. The casting is perfect with every performance flawless. If you dont own this film dont hesitate to press the buy button, it will be the best film you ever purchase.

  6.  Film of 2009


    As i said in the title this is the best film of 2009. The effects are stunningly beautiful and will amaze you throughout the film. The acting is superb with not one bad performance. Also the action in it is outstanding. For a film with a very basic storyline it is one of my favourites in my collection. An instant add within any collection,

  7.  Film of 2010


    In 2010 i have seen all the contenders for film of the year, kick-ass, scott pilgrim, eclipse etc. I am here to say that Inception is the best film of 2010. I have never seen a more well made story-line with a better cast. "The idea is simple" you can chnage what people think by accessing their dreams. Heart-pounding thrill-seeking with quite possibly one of the best endings i have ever seen. If you dont own this you cannot call yourself a film lover.

  8.  The Comic-Book Film


    When i saw a trailer for Scott Pilgrim i thought that it looked good but i wasnt that bothered about seeing it. Having watched it with family the other day we all found it to be fantastic. It is very different from all so called "comic" films as this actually makes it feel like your watching a comic right in front of your very eyes. One of the best films of the year and a must have to any Blu-Ray collection.