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  1.  Good book


    Echo is a great read. The plot is engaging with characters that are developing and the setting is pretty unique. This book does not make it into my all time favourites but any previous Alyson Noel fans who have read her style before will enjoy it. In this book, I loved the development of many characters: not just Daire and Dace but also their parents and friends. Two characters that I thought could have received a little more development were the newly introduced Phyre and the resident bad guy Cade. We saw lots of Cade in the first book but in the sequel he only appeared in the big moments. I love to read about how the evil characters are characterised and so a little more focus on these two characters would have been great! However I did love the chapter at the end with Phyre which made me wonder if she will be playing a bigger part in the third book.
    I do not want to give much of the plot away so all I will say is that it is exciting and many parts are unexpected which is always nice to read. Alyson Noel is doing a great job with these books and so I do definitely recommend giving this book a read and if not done previously the first book too!

  2.  Light summer read


    Debutantes is a light and enjoyable read. Set in 1920s England the Derrington sisters each have different personalities and they do not blend together. They all are individual characters with different aspirations. The first book focuses mainly on Daisy who is interesting and hoped to become a film director. Violet hoped to be a debutante and come out for a season in London. Poppy loved jazz and had a band with locals in their town. Rose wanted to be a newspaper editor. They all had dreams of escaping their unglamorous country life and the individual dreams were perfect for their characters. The setting teaches a lot about England in the 1920s and it was clear that the author had researched the era really well. I definitely learnt a bit with this read!
    The mystery part of the story was slightly predictable but still entertaining to read. This book is not life changing but perfect for somebody looking for a gentle summer read! One more thing.. The cover is absolutely stunning!

  3.  Simply amazing


    I tried. I tried so hard to read this book slowly because I knew that when I finished it there would be no more of The Demon Trappers left. I tried so hard! But I literally could not. This book is amazing. I do not know how to review this because I have adored the whole series so much and it is really difficult to put into words my feelings about these books! I have followed the series from the first book and I am so sad that it is over now.
    But onto the book! I would say it is the best in the series. It is the fourth and final book in the Demon Trappers series by Jana Oliver. Please go out and buy it. This series is different from most teenage books. Instead of wandering around as a helpless bimbo the female protagonist Riley is strong and independent. There is romance in the book but it does not overshadow the plot. I would say the book is kind of split into two stories and without giving anything away I would say the first half is Becks story, and the second half is Rileys story. My only criticism of the book is that maybe these two stories inside the book do not fit together as neatly as the other books do. But really this is a minor point and just me trying to find something critical to say!
    I am a huge Beck fan and this book concluded everything between him and Riley perfectly. Their relationship was never going to be the classic fairytale and Jana Oliver does not try to make it one.
    I was so sad when I ended this book because it was a series I loved. I completely recommend this to anyone who likes supernatural books that are still imaginable. Pick it up and give it a go!

  4.  Great sequel to a great book :)


    Wow. You know when you finish a book, and you just want to cry because it's over? That's how I felt finishing Dreamless. The characters are so well developed that you really feel like you know them. Orion, who is introduced in Dreamless, is a particular favourite of mine (and not just because I fell in love just from his physical description!). He's one of those characters that you just want to know more about - and the more you know, the more you like him!
    Dreamless is set about two thirds in Nantucket, and a third in the Underworld. What's really great about Josephine Angelini is that she writes so clearly and easily understandable through potentially a potentially confusing plot. She is such an engaging and clear author - after reading Starcrossed I had been worried that she would not be able to write another book as good, but I'd say she's actually managed to do even better!
    I am a major fan of love triangles. From the end of Starcrossed, I did wonder what sort of romance there would be in Dreamless, but what there is is perfect - a gorgeous, perfect Orion for Helen, but still a heartbreaking forbidden love for Lucas. The romance was prioritised behind the plot, and while it still played a major role in the book, it did not drown out the action bits, which often happens in these kind of books.
    To sum it up, I loved Dreamless. The writing is flawless, and the plot and characters are well developed and great. 10/10 - you will not regret reading this.

  5.  Enjoyable read


    The first thing I noticed when I got Fated was the cover. The bright yellow stood out, and the girl on the front made me immediately intrigued! Having now read Fated, I think the girl on the cover is perfect for Daire especially the earrings.
    The start of Fated pulled me in. Daire is the daughter of a travelling make-up artist, who works on various movie sets worldwide. While in Morocco, she has a major breakdown, which terrifies her mother, Jennika. Her grandma offers to help, and seeing no other options, Jennika sends Daire off to live with her. There, she learns the truth about the visions she has had since childhood, and the importance of who she is.
    One thing I really liked about this book was that the romance was not the focus. Instead, Daire and her self development and relationship with her grandma are prioritised. The plot was interesting, and there were some really good, unexpected twists that I enjoyed. I love how intensely Alyson Noel describes situations. She is amazing at creating visual images that stick in your mind.
    It was a really enjoyable read and I cannot wait for the sequel!

  6.  A totally worthwhile read


    After the Snow by Sophie Crockett is like an orange; hard to get into, but worth it once you are there. Willo is a young straggler boy which I like; so many books are written from a female perspective that it is great to read something different. This book was certainly something different!
    There is one thing about this book that many will love but many may hate. The book is written how someone of his age would speak. The sentences do not all make grammatical sense but by using this technique you really feel like it is being narrated by a child. You see the childs world through his eyes and the descriptions make you see things differently.
    The story is gripping once you get into it. Willo is out hunting and trapping hares when his family is taken away with no trace of where they have gone. Willo goes on a journey of survival, of him against the world.
    His personality really develops throughout the book, and other characters like Jacob and Mary shows how he grows as a person.
    This is a really good book that although may not be appealing to everyone is a worthwhile read that I fully recommend.

  7. Glow



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     Really addictive!


    Glow is addictive. Incredibly addictive in that way that all you can think about all day is what is going to happen next. Every chapter is ended in a way that makes you unable to stop or even put it down for a second. The book follows Waverly and Kieran who are some of the first children born in space. They live on a spaceship called the Empyrean and are travelling to a New Earth because Earth is dying. On the night that Kieran proposes to Waverly their ship is attacked and they are separated. I have got to say that I was surprised at how dark the themes were at a few points in the book. There was complete isolation. There were bodies violated and there were people drugged. But it showed the desperate lengths that humanity will go to so that they can protect themselves.
    I wish that there was a little more on the romance between Waverly and Kieran. I almost got the impression that they were together because that was expected of them but maybe their relationship will get deeper in further books (this is just the first book in the Sky Chasers series).
    Overall, I really loved this book. The darker themes at some points mean I would not recommend this to anyone under the age of 12/13, but for anyone else I suggest trying it. I found it an awesome read, just be prepared to do nothing else for the following day!