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  1.  Absolute Genius!!!


    I wondered how Media Molecule could better the first LBP and now I know, it is easier for beginners to pick up and create levels and more advanced than before so advanced users can go to town. There are so many more tools to use and the Tutorials narrated by the one and only Stephen Fry are hilarious yet very informative at the same time. The story levels are much better as well as you get to use a whole host of different gadgets and the mini games are alot more fun (hedge hurdles anyone?). Haven't played any user created levels yet but look on youtube to see some spectacular levels. This without a doubt is the most fun game i've ever played. Once again Media Molecule i'm as happy as a pig in sherbet.

  2.  Finally Fantasy


    This game is absolutely astonding, at first i was a little worried as some people said it was rather linear this is true up until the 35hr (about half way through!!!) mark when you are given the chance to really have a good old nosey around. I won't spoil it for you though. It is linear for the first part in order to teach you the ropes and believe me when you do hit the 35hr mark you will see why some off the bosses are nothing compared to what you will encounter later. The story is fed to you piece by piece and gets better and better, you really feel for the characters which all have a very deep story to tell. The battle system is the most rewarding in a Final Fantasy game and i've played them all, it's also the hardest Final Fantasy i've played but perservere and you will be rewarded greatly. In three words - Absolutely Love It!!!!

  3.  Absolutely Genius!


    I've had this mp3 player about a month now and the first thing i want to say is wow! I bought it so i could go running with no messy wires getting in the way and the bluetooth earphones just sit on your ears and around the back of your head and doesn't move when running. the sound quality is crystal clear on the bluetooth earphones as well and the fact you can control the volume, play/pause, fast fwd/rwnd all on the bluetooth earhones is great. They are also pretty resistant to sweat as the sponge ear piece soaks it up quite well ( let it dry out afterward though). oh and you also get a nice wired set of earphones that fit snuggly in your ear. battery life is brilliant for such a small bit of kit and the bluetooth earphones battery lasts a very long time as well. In my opinion much better than what Apple offer.



    I haven't played a FPS that has this amount of quality put into it since Halo 1, yeah cod4 is good but this is more realistic and feels so much more like your actually in the battle.The multiplayer plays like it has been established for months, you can always find a match and of the 40 odd games i've had haven't been chucked out of any. Don't listen to the bad reviews as they are obviously just flamers who love there 2 little xbox games (halo 3 and GOW2) and just wanna try and put a downer on this masterpiece. This is so much better than any other FPS out there at the moment. Bravo Guerilla.

  5.  Sony W220


    Got this camera the other day and have been really pleased with it. It has plenty of features and works on the same principle and layout as my older Sony 4.1 megapixel camera which is nice, and for £149.99 you're getting a brilliant make and a high spec camera.

  6.  Radiating Goodness


    I have to say that this game is my favourite at the moment the graphics are lovely, the missions are brilliant and the weapons will blow your mind literally.I have this game and Oblivion and although they play very similar they aren't. Oblivion was great but being in a world where you do what you need to survive and struggle to at that such as Fallout 3 wins for me. I love the fact you have to make moral desicions and live with the consequences instead of getting arrested for any law that is broken like in Oblivion. It's not a question of just blasting someones head off (well alot of the time it is) you decide to either help people or make life hell for them and it feels like your decisions have more of an impact than in Oblivions. Those are the main differences i've noticed, don't get me wrong Oblivion is brilliant but the rules are different in Fallout. Definetely worth getting and get Oblivion while your at it, they'll both eat up your social life.

  7.  Broom Broom Brillllllllliant!!


    At first I thought that this game might be just a rehash of the original but they proved me wrong this is sooo much better than the first and the first was good. The graphics are even better the physics are more precise with extra features such as unlockable characters, artwork and of course multiplayer for up to 4 players offline and 16 players online. The tracks are divided into 4 different types Earth, Air, Fire and Water and there are shed loads of events to do which include Eliminator (my fave), Time trials etc, and with the addition of trophys this game is a must buy.

  8.  Luveleeee!


    I got this game yesterday and it is brilliant it moves so fluidly, you have to think fast if you don't want to fall to your doom from a 10 storie tower block. The demo is of the first level which is quite easy but the differculty soon ramps up a lot when your running around inside offices looking for an exit whilst ''the filth'' are after you. It really makes you feel under pressure when they start battering a door down to get you and yes if you take too long they will get that door down and make mince meat out of you. The graphics are bright and beautiful also the ps3 version is getting exclusive content. So this is the version to get.

  9.  Little Big Planet


    This game is absolutely brilliant i'm currently making a rollercoaster with my mates. You can make anything you like, your only limited by your imagination. You want to make a car use rubber for the wheels use motorised bolts to bolt the wheels on and get em turning and for that little more ooommf strap a rocket to it and make the car out of cardboard. This is just a slight example of what you can do, and to make your creations even more colourful do the pre built levels to collect extra items and costumes. Cheers to the creators at Media Molecule and to Stephen Fry for Narrating the game. Pure brilliance.

  10.  One of the Scariest games ever!!


    I have been playing this game for a few hours now since i got it this morning and have to say it is scary as hell and thats just in a fully lit room, will be playing tonight with the lights off and the sound up. In my opinion so far its better than bioshock and bloddier than resi 4. you really feel threatened when these alien monsters whilst on there last breath still try and rip your head off. Genius