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  1.  At last, a decent James Herbert adaption


    Watched the first episode on the BBC and decided instantly to wait for the DVD and watch it in one go. Was not disappointed. Of all James Herbert book adaptions this is the best. The screen writer has stayed true to the book keeping all the elements in place. It would be great to see the BBC get to work on adapting the 'Haunted' trilogy to this standard. Only one small gripe, the DVD could have done away with the 'in the next episode' and 'previously' montages.

  2.  Fantastic movies looking the best... ever!


    Wow... Loved these films since each and every one of them was released. Have owned all the various formats and have at last got the definitive versions. To say these films look good in HD is an understatement, they are simply stunning. Considering the age of the first three, the work Paramount have done on restoring them is amazing. They are now presented in a clarity most modern films could only hope for. And at long last Temple of Doom is available in it's UNCUT glory! The special features deserve recognition in their own right too. This is THE essential collection for all fans and movie lovers.

  3. V/H/S



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     SUPERB. A film that lives up to the trailer.. minor spoilers


    This is the best horror anthology I have seen in years. It was produced by the horror website 'Bloody Disgusting' and features a collection of 'found video tapes' directed by some of the best and up-coming horror directors around. The collection is book-ended with the best stories, the first is truly shocking, focusing on some lads equipt with a pair of camera glasses, the intention being to record a sexual encounter... They get more than they bargained for! The next 3 stories are shocking, disturbing, graphic and equally enjoyable in their own right, but the final story is amazing! a poltergeist type event that has to be seen to be believed, turn up the volume for this one. My only criticism is the story that links the 5 tapes together, very weak, but an attempt try something different. Good news too, is that a second anthology is being produced with more hot directors... S-V/H/S

  4.  So Bad, It's Offensive...! Avoid...!


    I enjoy a good 80's horror film... This is not one of them...! Avoid at all costs. Terrible.

  5.  Nightbreakers TV movie available on DVD for the first time.


    This was original released as 'Nightbreakers' on VHS in the UK. Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez are perfectly cast as the same person decades apart. The story is based on true events surrounding the U.S. nuclear tests of the 1950's when the effects of nuclear blasts/fallout were tested on it's military personnel. It is harrowing stuff at times but made in an intelligent and none glorified way. Notable for also staring Lea Thompson of 'Back To The Future' fame.

  6.  Cracking John Carpenter Chiller


    Overlooked on the John Carpenter essentials. This is a very well staged exercise in tension bulding. The look and feel is pure 80's which makes it a joy to revist straight away. the characters are pretty well formed with a hammy Donald Pleasance as the twitchy Priest who gathers the psychic/paranormal investigators together. The feeling of dread building is great and the final sequence is quite chilling and unexpected. This version is notable for atlast being uncut. enjoy.

  7.  Very Disappointing Sequel


    I was so looking forward to this, despite the negative media reviews. Although the Rider looks stunning, with alot more obviously spent on the VFX, this is soooooo dull. brought the Blu-ray for best quality and although the picture is faultless, the movie does not match it. Nic Cage seems different in his approach with this film, too much over acting (yeah i know, that's his thing) and emphasis on being 'crazy'. All the best bits were in the trailer. Stick with the first film, which also looks superb on Blu-ray.

  8.  Forgotten Ferrell Gem Of A Movie


    Being a huge fan of Anchorman and a few other Ferrell movies I thought I would check this out... wow! have watched it atleast four times already, it is such easy viewing. Hilarious, daft, rude and infinitely quotable. Laugh at the dancing, the clothes and their total ineptitude with the female of the species... oh... and you will always remember....EMILIO ESTEVEZ...!

  9.  Mad 80's Horror ...A True Cult Classic...


    Original US title's 'The Horror Show' or 'Horror House', It was renamed 'House 3' to secure interest overseas. It bears no link what-so-ever with the original films. As a stand-alone movie, this works on many levels. The plot is outlandish, twistedly funny and well acted by cult favourites Lance Henriksen and Brion James. As serial killer Max Jenke, Brion James excels with an over the top performance, complete with crazy laugh! The gore is pretty graphic in the uncut version (avoid the 'cut' anchor bay versions). The opening sequence reveals plenty of examples of Max's handywork! It's a shame they don't seem to be able to make films like this anymore, it does not pretend to be anything other than a late night horror no-brainer (check out the Max turkey). One final point of trivia.... Kane Hodder (Jason Voorhees-Friday the 13th) performs Brion James Stunts. Track it down while it's still out there as it is getting harder to find.

  10.  Better than people say... And it is uncut on UK Blu-ray!


    This a huge improvement on the DVD release, which was very dark and hard to follow in the action sequences. The contrast of the Blu-ray is fantastic. This is a solid 20th Century Fox upgrade. Alot of reviwers have said this is 'cut' because the box states 89mins, yes the sleeve does say this, but attention should have been made to the running time on peoples players! This comes in at 94mins! IT'S THE EXTENDED VERSION...!

    All in all it is not the best movie ever made, but as a slice of sci-fi action, you can't go wrong. Enjoy it!