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  1.  look at the price?!!


    for this price its a bargain, even for me as an existing bb addict, keep this one in the draw for those holiday moments, or as a spare, at this price cant go wrong, also look at the titanium edition, which looks a little more elegant

  2.  just fab


    Yes this is the creme of all the blackberry's, yes its a little on the larger side however this is soon forgotten as you realise why this is top spec, it plays divx, wmv, and all the other media types you can think offm with ease. It has the mp3 player function, 3g and hsdpa and the processer of the chip is the fastest in the range. So the applications and menu system is as fast as ever. The keyboard is better then the curve as has ridged edges is larger spread and by far is the easiest of the range to type with (however you find yourself sending 6/6 sms in one go so easily!) speakerphone is adequate though many other users as me say the sound on other end us up and down, something you expect bb to have sorted with this. The batterylife is amazing and last for days, this is me who uses his phone every other minuite on the pretence im a high flying business man, when really i just like the phone! Apps are getting better, however got to admit the iphone takes the biscuit on that one. The organiser and calender functions are amazing and once you learn the shortcuts youl wonder how you will ever wean yourself back to a normal phone, get yourself to a chemist and ask for a blackberry patch, im not kidding! Would I buy this phone again? no becasue for an extra 10pounds id buy the 9700 same spec all in all, but its smaller and has a 3.2 autofocus, flash camera, talk about having a hot younger sister, perfect.

  3.  crackberry


    Yes it has an addiction just like, though id never know!
    In answer to the above question, please be aware that you will not be able to use all the functions as PAYGO as you are not paying for BIS (balckberry.internet.services) which is nornally extra providing you with push (instant) email and unlimited surfing. However the functions of a phone are that slick youl never go I want a nokia 6230i again! Heres the good news the applications that require data tariff you can use over the wifi network in your home so msn is purely an application (which you can download through pc or even wif on the phone - no cost to you) and use the msn whilst in your home area, this goes for the other apps like weather etc. BBM (blackberry messanger) is a part of the BIS so you will NOT be able to use this without this service being activated. A smart and stylish phone and for the price its cheap as chips, go on treat yourself...!