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  1.  Poor sequel


    This film takes too long to build up to an anti-climax. We waited the entire film for Iron Man v War Machine, and the fight lasts a couple of minutes at most. Also, the plot was silly even by comic book standards, and is hindered by the attempts to set up the Avengers spin-off which I felt was un-needed, a simple line of dialogue like they did at the end of The Hulk would have sufficed. One good thing about this film is the performance of Downey Jr, who is brilliant as the arrogant but likeable Stark.

  2.  Don't make 'em like this anymore!


    Vintage Schwarzenegger film, probably considered too corny to be made nowadays. LAH has quite an original plot, with plenty of comedic moments as Schwarzenegger plays a parody of himself. Not the best transfer, some scenes look dull and grainy, but is good for the most part.

  3.  Boring


    Yawn...After seeing the film and hearing the hype surrounding the twilight saga I thought this would be a good read. How wrong I was. If you like pages and pages of angst-ridden teenagers telling each other how much they love each other in very long dialogue scenes, then you may like this book. However, I found it very dry with little to keep me interested in turning the next page. Apparently they get better as the series goes on, but I will be waiting for the films.

  4.  Not at Rogen's usual standard


    I went to see this after seeing Knocked Up, Pineapple Express and 40 Year Old Virgin. This is nowhere near as good as any of those

  5.  Bourne on Ecstacy Pills


    Total non-stop action from start to finish, if you like the Bourne Movies then this is for you. Would have given it 5 stars but the plot is not quite as clever as Bourne's and relies on action to drive the story forward.

  6.  Worst Saw Film to date


    Ignore the poster below who said people can't follow this because they don't have a brain, because there is barely a plot to follow. Saw films usually build up to a clever twist at the end, this just shudders to a halt and only answers questions that we already know the answer to. Only buy this DVD if you're so into Saw that you need to see it, no matter how good the film is

  7.  A Cominc Genius!


    Saw him at the MEN Arena in Manchester on 16th November, and he was absaloutely brilliant! You know what to expect from him - daft actions, voices and facial expressions, but it is still absaloutely hilarious. A must have DVD!

  8.  Good alternative to COD4


    Based on the online mode only this gameplay is good, although there is only one mode and few weapons. I hear this is to be fixed by a downloadable patch. The use of vehicles means that gameplay seems more all out action, rather than the more tactical battles of COD4

    Overall, this is a game worth buying if you've never played a FPS or if your bored of COD4