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  1.  Full of Gold and Dross


    I would fully recomend getting this album as it has some very good tracks and very good guitar work however it is greatly let down by some "awful" non rock/metal vocalists.

    Ghost (Ian Astbury) - this is a really good opener, has a really good atmosphere and feel to it. solid un annoying vocals

    Crucify The Dead (Ozzy Osbourne) - really good Ozzy track much better than his recent solo stuff.

    Beautiful Dangerous (Fergie) - why this is included is beyond me, every part of this song make you want to hit your head against the wall. I have even tried to listen to it all the way hrough but the whining vocals are so bad it gets skipped after a minute.

    Back From Cali (Myles Kennedy) - Great song really shows the amazing rage and talent that MK has. A treat for any Alter bridge or MF4 fans. Clearly demonstrates why Myles is providing Slas all of the vocals on tour.

    Promise (Chris Cornell) - A fairly average song, nothing special here.

    By The Sword (Andrew Stockdale of Wolfmother) - I dont like wolfmother but this song sounds really good great guitar vs vocals in parts.

    Gotten (Adam Levine) - utter utter rubbish. He would be better suited on the talentless xfactor.

    Doctor Alibi (Lemmy Kilminster) - Decent and what you expect from the motorhead man

    Watch This (Dave Grohl/Duff McKagan) - very well constructed instruitemental track.

    I Hold On (Kid Rock) - very poor nothing here that will make you want to listen to it more than once.

    Nothing To Say (M Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold) - really good track and the heaviest on the album by far. includes some amazing a7x like beat downs.

    Starlight (Myles Kennedy) - brilliant song as said above in back to cali.

    Saint Is A Sinner Too (Rocco De Luca) - very boring and depressive another one for xfactor lovers

    We're All Gonna Die (Iggy Pop) - Not an iggy fan but not a bad track.

    Baby Can't Drive (Alice Cooper/Nicole Scherzinger of Pussycat Dolls) - this is a truley awful song, alice cooper can do 1 million times better than this and the pussycat dolls addition is pop tastic awful.

    To sum it up when this album is good it is really good and when its bad the next track button is deployed!

  2.  Deaver does it again


    This is a great read... One of Deavers best (i have read them all) the pace is lightning all the way through and the 'main twist' you will never guess. As far as un Rhyme books go this is up there with garden of beast's(though a diffrent style). Its got an amazing plot and keeps you turning pages until the end still making you want more!!! This books style and pace reminded me of Dean Koonts - Intensity.

  3.  Hmmmm left confused


    After seeing Rose Hill drive back in 2006 i instantly got their first self titled album - it was amazing. Great riffs and vocals really good honest rock and roll in the 70's zeppelin style.

    I saw the new album, preorded it and thought fantastic - i couldnt wait for it to arrive.

    I have now listened to it a few times and am a bit dissapointed. The edge of album 1 is missing and the dirty rock and roll seems to have dissapeard.

    The album seems softer and as if they are looking to go right wing of their origional release. At one point i thought i was listening to the Arctic Monkeys singer (who i hate) and felt annoyed.

    It is not a bad album (im hoping it to grow on me with a few more listens) musical ability wise RHD are good and better than a lot of recent stuff - i just feel this should have been a whole lot better and more like their origional.

    My advise is to buy their debut album!

  4.  A Marsterpeice by a Genius (APC Billy Howdrell)


    After 2 listens i was completly hooked on this album.

    This is the Guitarist from AperfectCircle (Billy Howdrell)
    And he doesent dissapoint one bit. This is a really well layered album with fantastic musician ship.

    If you liked Aperfectircle then you will love this.

    A bit pricey for play @ £10.99 but worth every penny!

  5.  Why oh Why


    Holy smoke this is an awful film.... I useualy dont review products that i think are bad based on opinion but this is just dreadful.

    I have loved everyfilm that Quinten Tarintino has directed, but after this he needs a straight jacket. (planet terror is great BTW)

    The film is shot like a rubbish 1970's movie which doesnt make it bad - i liked the way planet terror was made!

    The "plot" and time wasting in this film is shocking.
    the film goes as follows.

    45 min dialogue scene (which bores you into a coma)
    2 min of a car smash


    45 min of dialogue building up more pointless characters
    then a (genuinly good) car chase that lasts 10-15 min

    The end!!!!

    You will have wasted £13 and 2 hours of your life if you watch this. Avoid trust me.

  6.  a simply amazing player but.......


    I have always been a fan of sony mp3's over any others. Mainly because their battery life is amazing, and also because of their (old) software Sonic Stage. (ATRAC)

    When the screen on my 8GB purple bean sony died, this appeared a great easy hassle free replacement!

    Great replacement product wise - definatly yes.
    Easy and haslle free - not even close.

    Firstly it is not compatible with Sonic Stage. this meant i had to convert (3hrs later) all my atrac files to sony mp3 format.

    I also downloaded the recomended sony walkman software to make transfering the tracks easy. (which it is)

    4 hours later I had put half of my music library onto the player, with 25+ cds still to import from disk.

    The hassle aside the player is simply fantastic:

    *easy to navigate
    *easy to use
    *very clear and loud
    *amazing battery life
    *clear screen
    *small and stylish.

    It is definatly ten fold over the Ipod but for all those with sonicstage dont expect an easy setup as you will need a good day to make the transition.

  7.  Very good album


    Considering i am not abullet fan, i was well impressed with this album.

    I purchased after hearing scream aim fire, and am very impressed.

    its heavy and is always nice to have a real heavy track come on when driving.

  8.  Good old rock n roll


    Hell yeah this album is a crackerjack. It makes you want to holler along with every word and air guitar the night away. Similar and based around ACDC but its origional enough and worth every penny.

    For fans of:
    The Answer
    Led Zeppelin

    Basically any one who likes rock and a good solo.!!!!

  9.  One good track.


    i bought this album based on reviews i have read on a forum i visit.
    I had heard meant to live and really liked it, so decided to buy this album.

    I must say it is the worse album i have on my Mp3 player.

    Meant to live is an awsome track but the rest are just plain, samey, quiet meandering pap. the guitar playing is lacking and all in all should be avoided

    I struggle to think of a mood where you can listen to this album all the way through, it just becomes annoying.

    BTW, bands i like are - Tool, Alter Bridge, INME, Dream Theater, APC, Metallica, Maiden, The Answer etc.

  10.  A really interesting read. But now outdated.


    OK this is a really nice presented A4 ish size book. the book is in colour throughout and is written in an amusing factual way.

    My issue is it is based on the first series of Born Survivor and since ther has been two series since then you are getting nothing new!

    I purchased this thinking it would be more in the facing up and facing the frozen ocean style explaining his experiences filming on the series. But it is more of an how to survive guide, not a "story"

    Its is still a very nice colourfull interesting read but just missing the "X" factor of his previous books.