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  1.  Noiseless??


    Having seen this fan for over ten pound elsewhere I jumped at the chance to get it cheaper here to keep me a little cooler while working on my PC. The amount of air it pushes is fine and will keep me a little bit cooler during warm days. However the other reviewers comments about it being quiet or noiseless puzzles me! Mine makes a rather loud buzzing noise. Removing the fan end you can hear the motor is pretty loud a bit like a dentist drill, but not as loud and scary. If I was using this in a quiet office I would well expect the manager to tell me to turn it off. Happy I didn't pay ten pound as this isn't worth more than a fiver and has made me think that I should have invested in a more expensive but quieter standard desk fan instead.

  2.  Digital Nasty


    This film has no real value to it. It isn't shot well, the acting is standard at best, and the storyline is non-existent. If you enjoy torture and sadomachochism and shock for shocks sake then you may be rewarded for your effort. Myself I feel like I was dragged through the gutter. I wish I'd listened to my common-sense and not bothered with this pointless and stupid film.

  3.  Bit disappointing


    Disappointed not with the content as the more I watch this film the more I appreciate it as one of Kubrick's finest (and that is saying something as every film of his are the pinnacle of film excellence) rather disappointed with the transfer. The picture is grainy. There are digital artefacts and the colours look washed out. A real shame they didn't take the time on this one as I would have paid more for them to have done so. I hope the other Kubrick films that have been released so far have received better treatment (seeing as they should all be arriving through my letterbox very soon) as this is some what of a crime against cinema.
    Still a beautiful film and some very good special features; I just hope it will receive a more polished future release.

  4.  Not looking forward to being dissapointed


    From the tracks I have heard this looks like it's gonna be just as the last album, a mixed bag. The reason the Knot got to where they are is the first albums were magnificent journeys into chaos, scary, loud and awe inspiring that punch and kick you repeatedly in the head. The third was cool, but broke away from their original sound in favor of a more Stone Sour flavor. All well and good as I love those albums too... but they ain't Slipknot! All hope is gone sounds like their heaviest song to date and I may well get the album just for that, but why can't we have another masterpiece where there is no let up from the sickness. Maybe they just getting old :(

  5.  Steamy pile of cow dung


    OMG!! I actually forced myself to watch this last night. I have heard nothing but bad reports about it and thought it couldn't be THAT bad as it had Christian Slatter in it! Well it is THAT bad and I can see why he hasn't had much work after. How the hell Uwe Bowl can release a directors cut too? This man has sites on the web devoted to people airing how angry they feel about his films.. and now I see why. When in the cutting room and they watched the film and saw glaring plot holes, terrible acting and dodgy effects they must have been either drunk or high or just plain stupid. I have not played the games but I am aware of them and the story. AVOID THIS just because it is a painfully bad film.

  6.  Poor


    I thought the first of these remakes was very good. Well filmed, sinister and genuinely shocking. This film is a steaming pile of poo in comparison. While watching I couldn't help but laugh out loud. Terrible acting, pointless story and no shocks or good gore scenes??? One good thing about it is when the credits role there is a fantastic hills have eyes theme tune straight out of the eighties which had me and my mates doubled up and unable to breath. Class.