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  1.  In a word "mince"


    Shutter island with eye candy set in a fantasy world. Utter mince.

  2.  Played the demo but not the real thing


    Having played the demo I feel that the game is well worth a 4 star rating, I would love to have left more info but once again I have been let down by the play.com delivery service and can only hope that it will drop through the door tomorrow or will be left wondering just how good the game will be.

  3.  A must buy for FPS fans


    If like me you enjoy FPS but still like them to have some depth and style then you will not be let down by this superb game. There have been a few games over the years that are keepers in my eyes like half life, Gears and halo and this is up there with them.

    On a side note the person or should I say halfwit who gave it a one star rating because they couldn't find the invert option shouldn't be allowed near electrical equipment as it is quite clearly in the game options.

  4.  Decent enough FPS


    As some have stated this is a good FPS, and as stated it's a mixture of a number of games including bioshock and timeshift. Single player is worth while but not the longest of games that I've played. Maybe not worth 39.99 I would put it nearer the 30 quid market and give it a go once it comes down in price.

  5.  The biz


    Superb game, good learning curve and it is a massive game, every chance I get I'm up playing it. Must buy for action game fans.

  6.  A must buy.


    3 huge games on 1 disc, great game play and massive levels. Ok you have to do a lot of running back and forward to pick up all your weapons but it's all good while you're doing it. Must buy for any Wii owners.

  7.  Great game


    If you like FPS then you will love this game, reminds me a lot of the original half life game, which is high praise for any game.

  8.  Simply enjoy


    Great game, graphics are superb and totally enjoying making my way through the madhouse. Would recommend to anyone. If you don't enjoy this game you should just give up playing altogether. Or check for a pulse as you're dead.

  9.  BJK


    Having played the Xbox version I was really looking forward to this. The game play is just as hard as the first but there are some major changes to the game play as you now play as Rachel in certain parts of the game. And this is where I find the game not as enjoyable as she is mince at fighting, considering her chest is so big and boy does it jiggle its no wonder she can't fight.

    Some of the game play has changed and some bits have been added which add to the enjoyment of the game. Visuals are stunning as are the characters. So overall big thumbs up and they'll be sore by the time you've finished this game as its truly old school button bashing stuff.