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  1.  Boring, boring and boring


    Same ol' same ol' WW2 game. I loved COD1 and 2, 3 was samey, but then they released 4, which is by far one of the best games i've ever played and the multiplayer is supreme. This game just goes back to the old ww2 era and it adds nothing to COD1 and 2. I'd only recommend you rent this game to complete single player and get the gamescore points, then forget it was ever made.

  2.  Fantastic TV Great Price


    This tv is excellent! Very well priced and quite possible the best tv for £800 on the market (got mine elsewhere + 5 year warrenty)! Everything looks smashing on it in 1080p and it has a very very clear motion picture! It plays football games really smoothly! I knew this was the best tv i could ever imagine to buy. I did my research on dozens of tvs from all the different companies- stood next to them all comparing which was the better and this tv is by far superior to all the rest. Unless you want to pay well in excess of £1300 then go for a pioneer. Otherwise get this tv and you will not be disappointed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3.  Great piece of kit


    I bought this in March i think and it's worked wonders since. I found the perfect FM-wave which leaves no crackle or whatever. Music sounds wonderful.

    And i've been using this with an ipod Touch so who knows why this doesnt work for the person below.....

  4.  bad...just so bad.


    Really badly made, has a very annoying click-system to it, i've never really found a good technique that works - all it does is hurts yr armpits. I purchased this a year ago and i've only used it once and it's been in my cupboard ever since. 0*

    Instead go and buy a stability ball and work from that. The best thing about them is that they're immensely comfortable and work the whole abs in one go; not just the top. And you can only manage 15-20 reps when you first start because they're that hard!

    Joining the gym would be the best advice i could give anyone. Not only does it help your overall fitness and physique, it's great mentally too.

  5.  Very good but not perfect.


    I've had this itouch since xmas and here's the pros and cons i've noticed:


    Screen - Fantastic, brilliant, supberb, etc! 5*

    Music - Scrolling between artists is a great idea and it has every option/mode you need and more. 5*

    Video - Brilliant! Screen size is very good and looks just like windows media player. But i've got some syncing issues with my movies. 4*

    Safari - In a place with wireless internet it's great, looks just like it does on the pc! Not the fastest internet in the world but its fast enough for something you can hold in yr hand. 4*

    Itunes - Needs wireless internet access, i haven't needed to use it yet, but i'm sure it's good.

    Space - 16gb is a comfortable amount of space to have. I've put all my music on, a whole tv series, 3 movies and i still have 8gb left! 5*


    Battery life - music will last about 6/7 hours, videos about 2 hours. Mixing it up i watched 2/3 episodes of scrubs and 3 hours of music and i have almost no battery left. Saying that, you do get used to the battery running out so it's always on charge in my 'Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere' docking station when i get home (which is EXCELLENT!). 3*

    Safari - Only works in an area with accessable wireless internet. So trying to book cinema tickets whilst walking down the highstreet or in car on way to cinema is impossible. 3*

    Size - very thin... without being contradictive, i love the size of it; it's not a great big brick, infact it's very sleek and elegant. However, i just can't get a good enough grip on it to use single handed. That said, with a case around it for extra grip and thickness it becomes much easier to hold and you can easily navigate the touch screen in one hand. 4*

    Itunes Itunes Itunes Itunes!!!! NOT COMPATABLE WITH WINDOWS XP64!!!!!!!! I have searched the internet for almost 9/10 hours trying to find an alternative itunes to no success. The itouch does not even register on My Computer; it doesn't sync or anything. To get music onto it i've had to copy all my music/videos/pictures onto my brother's XP 32bit pc and use his itunes - PAIN IN THE ****!! 0* - Apple, get you're act together and support your customers!

    In conclusion, the itouch is a brilliant mp3/mp4 player with wi-fi. It also happens to look the coolest out of the competition. Much bigger screen than creative's device. Not the cheapest, but if you're the sort of person who likes to buying the best, new, popular electronics then this is for you. Oh...and if you only have 1 computer in your house and it's got a 64bit windows...don't purchase this ipod!