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  1.  Mediocre, could be better.


    All I can say about this game is that its the same old Call of Duty that we're all so familiar with. But that doesnt mean its automatically a good game. I'd say its a pretty mediocre game. The campaign is solid with a slightly sci-fi edge to it that give this game a well needed change from the usualy bad vs good, good wins. After taking about 6 hours to beat there is a ton of other stuff to do such as zombies. Too bad that is no where near as good as Call of Duty: WaW, it feels like they have tried to re create Left 4 Dead but failed. But the main attraction to this game is the multiplayer. I admit i was excited for all of the customisation and wager matches and what not, however after you have played the game for about a week it feels all too familier. The multiplayer gets a bit too repetative and feels alot like MW2 at times (and considering I've spent an extra 45 pounds on this game I was hoping for a big change). so overall if u want this game, dont expect it to deliver the amount of entertainment that Call of Duty 4 did, the multiplayer is boring and repetative and the add ons such as zombies couldnt keep me occupied for longer than 10 minutes. However if your after a good compelling campaign with alot of action and many historical figures you may be interested in this game. Mediocre, could be better.

  2.  An Absolute Tank


    I cant belive whan an absolute tank this game is. The graphics are flawless, the fps makes the gameplay feel alot smoother apposed to gow1 and gow 2 (not refering the God of War collection), and the combat is as brutal as ever. Well worth every penny, the story is compelling, you wont want to put down your controller until Kratos has killed every god in olympus! A must buy in any gamers collection, i would buy a ps3 JUST to play this game. :D