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  1.  Needs Guidance!


    PG starts off OK with Artie (Billy Crystal) Baseball commentating but as he loses his job its not just Artie that loses the plot! Arties daughter asks Artie and his wife Diane (Bette Midler) if they can look after their 3 children while they go on a Work Vacation! But as Mum and Dad vacate so does the point of the film! PG remarks on different parental styles and the over controlled environment some children live in but it doesnt really make any clear points or morals, instead it leaves us with bad jokes and a jumbled pointless story!

  2.  Say Hello To My little Friend...


    Al Pacino stars in Scarface, one of the most iconic Gangster Films. This is the ultimate Gangster story of Rags to Riches but how far can Tony Montana push his luck! Great story and a great film that is both Glamourous and Horrific! Its also very much an eighties movie so its great seeing something slightly different to the Goodfellas and the Godfather.

  3.  Slasher Sci-Fi!


    In this film Ripley is cloned 200 years after her death, along with the Alien that she was about to give birth to! Again, the Alien gets out of control and sets upon the crew of the ship, hunting them down in the same manner as a Slasher Horror movie! The whole Alien concept has got a little thin but this is still worth a watch.

  4.  Defiance...


    A group of refugees take shelter in the forest to escape persecution by the Nazis. This is a hard hitting film based on a true story. Whilst it might not be the best war film made and the film may have a few critics its a grim reminder of the terrible events of the past. Tragic yet also inspiring!

  5.  Not As Supreme As Identity...


    Not a bad sequal. This film explores Bournes past more so theres not as much action as the first film. The camerawork is a bit disorientating at times as it jerks about a lot. Felt this was overdone a bit. Overall a good film worth watching, especially for fans of the Bourne Films.

  6.  No Escape....


    Alien 3 lacks the iconic eerie feel of the 1st and lacks the edge of seat action of the 2nd films. In Alien 3 Ripley has crash landed on a planet and takes refuge among some former inmates (with some over the top english accents!) in a working prison. Just unsure if this was the correct way to go about the story for this film. However, its still entertaining and better than a lot of Sci-Fi's. Could have been the inspiration for later films like pitch Black. Overall not as good as the previous films but still worth a watch.

  7.  Should Be Left To Rest!


    Theres mixed opinions about this film and its easy to see why! On the plus side the film is entertaining and has some good acting from Antony Hopkins and Richard E Grant.
    The overall picture is very theatrical but sometimes quite hectic. Some of the effects are good whist others look quite dated! There's also some terrible acting from K Reeves and the story strays from the original! After one of the finest pictures in Apocalypse Now expected more from Coppola!

  8.  Vengeance..


    Oldboy is kidnapped and locked up for 15 years. He is then released but despite the fact he could get revenge on his kidnapper straight away he waits until he has figured out why he was taken!
    On Oldboys release a lot of Tarrentino fans are taking notice of South Korean Cinema but Tarrentino films have always been heavily influenced by Asian Cinema. Oldboy has a fantastic picture and is moving, funny and disturbingly shocking at the same time! The twist and turns in the plot do not stop so you ill be engrossed until the end of the film!

  9.  Pitch Black....


    As Sci-Fi's go PB is often recommended and highly rated so I thought id give it a go. Slightly bemused by the film as its more like Dune than Alien! I guess if your really into Cult Sci-Fi's then you will like this. I can see the film has some good points but just not really my thing!

  10.  Good Remake...


    This is a good movie that provides an insight into the events before SOTL. Its not quite the thriller that SOTL's was but its very entertaining and well made and a lot better than Hannibal. Think i preferred the original Manhunter film but this is a good remake and its good to see Anthony Hopkins back to playing a more sinister Hannibal!