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  1.  Not the best dalek story. But...


    Jon Pertwee is coming towards the end of his tenure as the doctor so gives an excellent performance as the doctor. Elisabeth Sladens also gives an excellent performance as Sarah Jane with her first meeting with the daleks. Death starts off well with the Tardis arriving on the planet Exillon in the night which gives you a chilling feel and mystery.
    Again with nearly every classic dalek doctor who you only get to see 3 daleks in action with the fourth clearly unoccupied.
    The special features are interesting too with a documentary looking at the making of this story saying how the daleks worked well on location and how Jon Pertwee hated them. Not a five star story but i will give it an 8/10.

  2.  A good story but terrible monsters.


    Overall a good story with strong characters. It is known as being the first Robert Holmes script for the show so you can't really compare it with classics like Caves and Talons among others. However the bad thing about this story is the design and costumes of the krotons themselves, they can't move probably and well they can't do anything except looking menacing.

  3.  Not a usual who!


    Overall a good festive episode, however there was no scary moments, no deaths etc... The episode as a whole seemed to be all about emotion which doctor who shouldn't be about.

  4.  Very good but:


    Overall a good dvd which is full of laughs and unseen moments however some of the clips are grounded into your head and you won't laugh as much as if seeing it for the first time.
    Also buy here and not in shops such as HMV and Tesco as here it's cheaper, at 11 pounds rather than 15 pounds

  5.  Excellent game however....


    A really good game with loads to complete so it keeps you entertained. However there are many glitches and watch out for the library second room.

  6.  How it all began


    What a good piece of drama showing us how coronation street or Florence dale street came about by its creator Tony Warren. The star cats who portray favorite actors and actresses who are no longer with us had them spot on and all of them gave a superb performance 10/10.

  7.  The Daleks are back to battle the 3rd doctor and UNIT


    A good four parter in my opinion but you can tell that this wasn't written to star daleks and that it was heavily rewritten to star them after Barry and Terrance decided to put them in because we hadn't seen them for a while. The voices in the original were terrible so its nice to have new voices and more daleks rather than the 3 we had. A good romp with Jon Pertwee and a nice little battle at the end with UNIT, the daleks and the ogrons.

  8.  Brilliance. But why a box-set?


    But why pair these two together in a box set they have nothing in common only that they are set on earth in the past. However The Gunfights is a good 4 part story, i don't know why some people hate it i quite enjoyed a wild west adventure with the doctor. there are some good comedy scenes in there and some good drama and action with a beautiful sung song 'The O.K Coral' at the beginning of each episode. 7.5/10
    The Awakening is a nice 2 part Peter Davison serial during the end of his tenure. Again there is some good drama and action in this story. In my opinion Peter Davison is on fine form as is Janet Fielding and Mark Strickson who are also joined by Polly James who could have been a future who companion. 8/10
    Overall these two stories are good in their own way but they can also lack something throughout the adventure.

  9.  Exactly the same as the TV one


    Overall a excellent constructed play set doesn't include any figures with it but your kids can now have the eleventh doctor and Amy inside their own Tardis now and not the previous one.

  10.  Very Good as usual


    Again top trumps are those sorts of cards that you get out when your bored and its raining. Good for all the family to play with known characters from previous series. easy to understand and not a bad price either.