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  1. Hitman



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     Greatest wrestling autobiography.


    Fantastic read this one. It's honest, almost too honest in parts, but a really well-written and thorough book that I'm happy to say, managed to add to my esteem for the Hitman Bret Hart. This could have been so cheap, and just brushed on many subjects, but it hit a lot of them hard and I really, really appreciate how candid Hart hit some of the topics.

    Good to read about his beginnings also, love reading about old wrestling when the wrestlers we grew up with were just becoming stars themselves.

    It's long too, a good 650 or so pages, the majority of which seem true to Bret and he tells some great stories and tells of his feeling during major incidents in his life and career.

    Very worthwile book, and for less than a fiver, you don't get any better.

  2.  A great start


    If you like this show, then you know what I mean when I say it's a laugh every minute but is still capable of being a compehensive watch. Put it on anytime and you'll enjoy it, and it's good looking back at how it started compared to how it all ended. Really great prices on here too, especially for 24 episodes.

  3.  Gets funnier the more you watch,


    I watched this for the first time about 6 or 7 years ago, along with Delerious, and enjoyed them both but didn't watch again until about a year ago. I think I realllly got it then, and I laughed myself stupid the whole way through. I'm a big stand up fan, and Eddie Murphy is the only one my girlfriend will tolerate so often as I like these things in excess, so it goes to show that it stands the test of time and can be enjoyed by a lot of people.

    Would love to see Eddie revert to a new stand up show with this type of material, but I will always love these two shows!

  4.  And the worst this is.. I NEVER LEARNED TO READ!


    What a movie! I gave it a nostalgic 5 stars, it's obviously not a masterpiece but I was only 6 and 7 when these movies came out so I watched them a lot in my childhood and it reminds me of such happy times that I had to give it five stars.

    If you have a chance, and like me you hadn't watched it for a good 10 years and you were in your early teens last time you saw it, then pick this up and watch it again. (I say It, because I only watched the first one recently,) It was a fantastic time to watch, and I think I enjoyed it more than I ever did, as I can now pick up on little things I missed back then. I'll watch the second one tonight, utter brilliance!

    Excellent! Weeoooweeoowiiooowooo!

  5.  Kicked Ass.


    It took me a while to watch this film, as for some reason I had it in my head it was just another version of the spoof 'Superhero Movie' or whatever it was called that came out a few years ago.

    I was grossly mistaken, this is a very good film that I think everyone who is a fan of superhero movies will enjoy. It has recieved criticism for certain aspects, but I believe if you just watch this movie and go into it expecting to enjoy it, you will.

    I really enjoyed it, and for this price it should be in everybodys collection.

  6.  From a Ricky Fan


    I'm a big fan of Ricky Gervais & his entourage, & I enjoy everything he seems to throw his hand to. I really enjoyed this stand up, from reading Gervais's blog he is very proud of this material also. There are a few gags that fall short, and as always some controversy but be happy that Ricky doesn't do anything to try and appease the entire population now he's world famous.

    Another strong effort from Ricky Gervais, and this one sits proud with the rest of my stand up collection.

  7.  10 stars if I could


    This is an outstanding deal, or perhaps astounding that these would go so cheap. For Bruce fans like me, all 8 albums are some of the greatest of all-time, but even for a new fan or an indifferent fan this is a shockingly good buy. There are at least two classic albums, and at least 50% of the rest should hit the right note with any fan open to The Boss. This is actually perfect. For us who have the collection already, buying this just for your car or travel is probably the best musical deal I have ever seen.

    Fantastic, and a steal. Buy while you can.