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  1.  Great as Fitness Video, Not Bad as a Fitness Tool!


    After playing this for the first time last night, I feel as a personal exercise workout tool and planner, it isnt as good as others on the market, but if you just use it like a regular exercise DVD/video it is great. There are plenty of workouts and classes, but they dont split them between beginners, intermediate and advanced, and it doesnt provide you with a program to keep to so someone like myself who rarely exercises, I found them to be hard going as the workout was too extreme and I had to decide myself which exercise and intensity to maintain during the class, and found a lot of the time having to stop midway as it was too intense! Also I had to decide myself which class or program to use whereas other similar games gave you more advice as to which workout to use. Not every workout is Move-enabled so a lot of the time you dont need the move controller, and even for those that do I would question whether it tracks your movement and makes any difference using it or not. However on the positive side, the exercises are interesting and varied, and there are plenty to choose from and it helps having your picture (via the eye) next to the trainer to help with positioning and performing the exercise properly. Overall, if you expect the software to tell you exactly what to do, when and how (like EA Active Fit does), it doesnt, but if you use it as a fitness video and have some knowledge about different exercises and stages of fitness, it is a great investment!

  2.  Not Bad


    Great idea, well implemented but technology cant keep up. Quite regularly the motion sensing disappears and it doesnt register your movements which is a pain when you are half way through a workout, you have to skip the exercise or start again (not quite the idea of a personal trainer!). They should have used the PS Move - if they couldn't get the technology perfect, they shouldnt have bothered - at least give us the option of turning off the motion capture so we can just use it as a video (which I suspect is what happens sometimes as your movement doesnt tally up with what appears on screen and the number of reps I did was not the same as what it said I did!). Also there is no option to have multiple profiles so my wife cant have her own program, which is the least I would expect from EA! Having said that it is a fantastic replacement for the gym despite the above and there are lots of different programs which notes when you should work out and rest days etc (all recorded online as well) and there are lots of different exercises to try (assuming it recognises that you are doing them). Overall this is a reasonable piece of software which is let down by poor technology and a lack of basic features but if you want an exercise programs and except the above complaints, then I would recommend this as it would appear to still be the best "gamercise" on the market.