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  1.  Over the top piffle!!!


    I read this after reading a lot of reviewsthat said this was fantastic, and to disagree with other reviews - this is a kids book. Considering the characters are supposed to be 17 / 18 the conversation is like listening to a bunch of 13 year olds - absolutely pathetic.

    I also didn't find it romantic - our hero of the book Edward is a moody, grumpy pain who constantly blows hot and cold with Bella to the point where you just can't understand why she is even interested in him. If a guy treated most women like this he would get dumped!!!! As for the character of Bella herself, clingy, obsessed and a little pathetic. For a character who is supposed to be quite a gutsy girl I just found her a little bit disturbing. How in God's name are we supposed to take her seriously when all she says to Edward is "don't ever leave me", "promise me you will always be with me" - I mean for God's sake they are 17 years old. You know what love, get through school go to university, get a good job and meet other people, then you might realise there is more to life than a miserable self obsessed family of vampires!!

    Hated this it is awful and the other books in the series which I did read hoping they would get better - even worse. Don't waste your money unless you are 14 years old in which case this book is probably great. If you are an adult and want good books about vampires and romance, read Anne Rice instead!