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  1.  piggyback delivers again


    What can i say, Piggyback sure know how to write guides. Basically if you've ever had a guide by these guys before then you won't be disappointed with this, they even put a squidgey clean-easy cover on for us! For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of owning a Piggyback guide and are considering buying yourself one for FFXIII-2 then DO IT. Seriously guys I cant say it any clearer. The ONLY thing I spotted that they missed out was an entry for the Genji items but come on this is a 300 plus page A4 guide and they missed like a line of writing out, that isn't even needed, the items are pretty hard to miss and (if like me) your a die hard FF fan then you'll have been scouring the game for the items anyways so don't worry, if your that bothered i'll even tell you where to get them. I didn't disclose that for spoiler reasons but anyways like i said before i started rambling, awesome guide would highly recommend.

  2.  One hell of a game!


    Well first of all i bought this game because of the fact that all the previous reviews are 5 stars and i thought to myself, hey its under 30 quid, what can i lose if it DOES turn out to be a rubbish game, well i can safely say that the 28.99 pounds i spent on this game is the best 29 quid i have ever invested in ANY game, i mean forget the great price for a second and lets just look at the facts, you get the original game, the expansion pack, and all the downloadable content which means basically everything you can get out of the dragon age world, all on one disc, amazing. This is mainly because each and every downloadable content pack is a good laugh on its own, and then the main game is just truely awesome, i mean i was a bit wary at first but it gets so addictive! It took my about 55 hours to get through the first playthrough of the storyline and i loved every second of it, and now i get to play through another load of time to see all the storylines, plus the expansion pack adds another load of excitement to the mix, by the expansion pack i found myself smiling everytime i opened a new chest because i got a kick ass new item every time, and i dont get impressed often with games to be totaly honest, but this is well worth the money, i mean it would have been worth the money if i'd had to pay the full whack for it all, but at under 30 pounds you really cant go wrong, seriously guys and girls, if you like anything from W.O.W to runescape, to final fantasy you'll find something you like in this game, it's seriously amazing... i'm counting down till the release of the second installment =)