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  1.  best series ever


    out of all the series this the best one. heres the main story leading up the surviors of the battle against the sayins gohan and krillian go with balma to piccolo who died taking the dragonballs home planet namek to bring back piccolo,tien , yamcha and chaitchu. on namek they must find the dragonballs before vegta one of the sayin who wants to live forever and the evil freezer and his henchman including the ginyu force. can they get the dragonballs wish back there friends and save the namkes. watch and find out goku rocks

  2.  ok film but not that funny


    it is a good flim in some parts but it is just a not that great flim

  3.  john f kennedy the man myth the legend


    he is a legend and thisdram bring him back to life

  4.  K.9 first with Dr.Who and funniest with sarah jane


    a mate of mine says that the episode was great, interesting story and characters, find leela absolutly sexy and loves how they introduced K.9. perfectly.
    he also found the sarah jane K.9. title sequanes funny when she is drinking wine and jogging away.

  5.  one of the wrost ever


    i like patrick troughton but i'am not a fan of colin baker but i thought this episode would be good but the story was weak. the story makes it sound good but it does'nt.

  6.  david tennents best epsodies


    here are my ratings
    the christmas invasion 8/10
    new earth 8/10
    tooth and claw 10/10
    school reunion 9/10
    girl in the fireplace 10/10
    rise of the cybermen 7/10
    age of steel 8/10
    the idiot's latern 5/10
    the impossible planet 9/10
    satan's pit 10/10
    love and monsters 10/10
    fear her 9/10
    army of ghosts 10/10
    doomsday 10/10

  7.  not bad for the 5th series


    the 11h doctor is ok i thought the epsodes were good here's my rates
    the 11th hour 7/10
    the beast below 8/10
    victory of the daleks 5/10
    the time of the angels 9/10
    flesh and stone 10/10
    the vampires of venice 9/10
    amy's choice 5/10
    the hungry earth 9/10
    cold war 10/10
    vincent and the doctor 6/10
    the lodger 7/10
    The Pandorica Opens 9/10
    the big bang 10/10

  8.  the best epsodie with cybermen


    this is the best one buy now because there is no more adrics after this one

  9.  jon pertwee classic


    when i first watched this epsode i liked it is one of my favirotes but is not my faviorte epsode of doctor. there is good chacters in this one so buy it know