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  1.  Amazingly funny


    This is such an under-rated British comedy. Season 2 is great, if not slightly better that S1. However, if you havent seen S1 I'd recommend it as you will have a better grasp of plot and characters.

    Basically this season sees Howard get into a sexual harassment case while trying to make sure Mel has the baby with no hitches. As usual there are plenty of hitches to make us laugh throughout. Buy It!!

  2.  Glad to see this finally!


    Dont you hate it when they release seasons 1 - 5, then take ages to release the rest? Well, the wait is almost over with South Park S6 and it is worth it.

    This is a must buy for any fan of the show. If you haven't seen it before, buy the first season to understand everything. This is a awsome season and the humor gets better as episodes go on. PreOrder certainly at this price!

  3.  Classic Comedy


    I had never seen this on TV when I bought the DVD, so it was a bit of a gamble. Overall really funny, some part I was laughing out loud, and some part were more subtle. It is a tiny bit slapsick in parts and reminds me of Meet The Parents a bit. Its good that there is no laughter track either. Directed and filmed really well, this is a must have DVD.

  4.  Great but short!


    This is such a funny DVD. If you are a fan of the series buy this. WORD OF WARNING: Watch Starwars before hand if you havent already otherwise alot of the jokes may be a bit confusing. I had never seen Starwars until the night before I watched this so am glad I did.

    If you want gimmicks go with the £22 box with 3D glasses and trading cards, but it is better to just go for this as the price is great. Buy It!

    PS. Also it was a bit short, but who am I to say whats long enough

  5.  Classic!


    This is pure genius. I know the episodes are always on UK Gold and you've seen them all hundreds of times but so what? This DVD comes with a load of added extras including the "real Basil Fawlty" and interviews. Will always be the staple of British Humor.

    Buy this and you will not regret it!

  6.  This is what the Simpsons movie should have been like!


    With its flowing animation and tight story (no matter how hard to believe it is), this is a must see for fans. I've seen it online, but will pre order for its release onto DVD. Its an hour and a half of Futurama! What more can you ask for?

    I wont spoil too much, but am so glad to see Futurama is back. Buy this and you will not be dissapointed.

  7.  Such a shame it ended, but what an ending!


    I wont spoil it, but the ending is so fitting with the show. It makes you think long after you've switched off the DVD player.

    Overall it is a bit steep for only 9 episodes, but they are all about an hour long so you are basically getting 9 mini films. If you are buying any DVD this year, make sure its thins one!

  8. 1408



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    For someone like me who is not the biggest fan of horrors, I watched this on a whim. I must say it was brilliant.

    Cusak plays a supurb roll, and more of his character is revealed through the story and you get to understand why he goes round these 'haunted' rooms and writes about them.

    The room itself is horrific. A few good jumpy bits and the scene in the vent was scary as hell. I wont spoil it, but I wont be stayin in a hotel for a while...

    Buy it, or at best rent it as you are missing a great film.

  9.  What a series!


    I still need someone to answer this.. Where are the other 6 seasons. Season 5 was awsome (as were the other 4), so if you are a fan I dont see why you need me to tell you to buy this. It just gets better.

    If you haven't seen King Of The Hill before, I'd recommend Season 1 to really get to know the characters and humor before moving onto this. Roll on Season 6!!

  10.  Do you really need it?


    Im not here to tell you don't buy this. All I'm saying is why waste the best part of £15 to get fit in this way. This is a very 90's way of doing it and you know Danielle Lloyd is doing not much but making a quick buck.

    Save your money and put it towards an excercise ball and a pair of dumbells (both below £15).