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  1.  Completely Gripping


    John Gardner's Bond series has received some criticism. But this book is surely an exception. It involves Bond being stuck in a web of lies and deception, when he gets sent to work with the CIA, Mossad and the KGB. Bond is only given need to know information and is left having to figure out what the larger plot is and who he can trust. I really loved this book and is definitely a classic Bond book!

  2.  Huge Improvement!!!


    Having watched Clash of the Titans, and feeling slightly disapointed with it, I watched Wrath of the Titans in cinema and it was a huge improvement. The action is so much better, with a more gripping storyline. It didn't seem as "cheesy" as the first one, and is a good fun action film. A MUST WATCH!!

  3.  Very Good!


    It has a raw simplicity to it. It's much better than Sega Rally. It's also better than Dirt because it's just rally, not the other side stuff. The steering is quite realistic, and the surface makes a real difference in how the car handles. Overall = very good

  4.  Excellent


    This is a really good read! It is not only a great piece of fiction, but helps you fully understand some of the finer details of the Roman Army and how it worked.

  5.  Awesome!!!


    I watched this in cinema and personally for me, it's the best film so far of 2012 (although I haven't watched Wrath of the Titans). The storyline draws you in, and although parts can be a bit predictable, it still makes for a great watch.

  6.  Fabulous, non cliche


    Its a really good, gripping film with stunning performances from Gary Oldman, Tom Hardy, John Hurt and Colin Firth, they all play there roles sublimely.
    It's a little difficult to understand the first time (like Inception), but once you get it, its a truely great film.

  7.  Best film ever made!


    This is such a good film. The storyline is so inspiring and Tom Hanks is fantastic as Forrest Gump. It was always going to be a difficult film to make, because capturing what an Autistic person is really like is difficult and can cause controversy, but it was captured spot-on.

  8.  Completely Unique


    There's no other game like this out there, which makes it completely unique. It's so much fun to play and would completely recommend it to any gamer, even if they don't like driving games.



    Seriously one of the best films of all time! Johnny Depp is brilliant!



    Mouse Trap is a classic family board game. It's more fun for the younger generation as it has a lot of interaction involved, since you have to build the traps yourself. Great fun, would recommend to anyone!