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  1.  Underworld or Resident Evil: Awakening?!?


    Not sure how to begin, maybe coz I still havent entirely made up my mind about this film since its nothing like the previous ones in the franchise. For some reason I thought I was watching Resident Evil, dont get me wrong I am a fan of the Resident Evil movies but yes, they ARE cheesy come on! I was not expecting cheese when watching an Underworld movie and the gimmicky 3D effects only added to this and then the ending too, how much more Resident Evil can you get?!? ...Yes, its entertaining and really not THAT bad after all but the fact that it didnt feel like any of its predecessors and Scott Speedman has been replaced in the role of Michael are the main reasons for the lower rating

  2.  I beg to differ!


    As opposed to most of the above reviews, I think neither the film itself or the 3D elements are that great at all, yes there's a very good and precise sense of depth throghout the entire film but it fails to deliver one single WOW in terms of pop out effect and this coming from someone who thinks pop out isnt always necessary but the complete lack of it in this film and the long winded nature of the story make this one you wouldnt probably rewatch many times, I watched it for the second time just days ago with one of my nieces and I really can't say which one of us fell asleep first! ...I would even go as far as saying it becomes a little tedious which is a great big disappointment coming from Pixar! in NO way is it better than the first film.

  3.  watch out for the blue bird!


    Beautiful film, maybe slightly more kiddy friendly than I expected but filled with some pretty dark and twisted undertones that will keep adults entertained! I had watched this film first on a 2D bluray at a friend's and was blown away by its jaw dropping detail, the feathers on the owls and how they move in the wind as they fly is stunning so I didnt think twice about getting it in 3D. I didn't regret it, no detail is lost even in the moments where there's slight ghosting and there are quite a few stand out moments like the blue bird or the final battle! ...Although maybe not AS dark, but this film kinda reminds me a little of the Dark Crystal, so if you a fan of that type of film, you MUST watch this!
    ...it also comes with a Road Runner short which is very cool! Not as great as BOB's Big Break in Monsters vs Aliens but funny and great to show off your 3D TV to friends!



    ...I really did! Being a big fan of Seth Rogen, I knew I HAD to watch this film and good thing I had just bought a 3D TV too, not that I'd missed much if I'd seen it in 2D because the 3D wasn't THAT good, but its decent enough for a conversion, I'd even dare say it was better than the conversion on Thor ...that aside, its not a huge twist on the whole superhero story BUT it doesnt fail to deliver in big laughs! Brilliant film just dont expect mindblowing 3D!

  5.  Simply Brilliant!


    I love this film! I just think its super cute, has a beautiful story to tell and the 3D only makes everything so much more intense and real. The attention to detail is superb, the textures breathtaking (the fur on the viking's coats, the scales on the dragons) the vibrant colours and inky blacks ...its just all there, in near flawless 3D. Its also probably one of the films with the least bit of ghosting if any at all I've seen which actually was quite surprising after seeing Monsters vs Aliens (also from Dreamworks) which was equally as good in 3D, maybe even slightly better but as opposed to this one, suffered from quite a bit of ghosting!
    ...blah blah blah... Great film, amazing in 3D ...oh! just buy it!

  6.  Not terrible but not great either!


    Maybe its because I had watched the 2D version so many times both on DVD and then Blu ray but all that excitement when I got home with the 3D version of it was soon gone shortly after putting the disc into my ps3. Like the title says its not terrible and the 3D is pretty decent in the last stretch of the film but it wasnt even as great as I remembered it, maybe I HAVE watched it one too many times, but I really found it hard to stay focused most of the time.
    I just wasnt that impressed and I'm a BIG fan of 3D!

  7. Up: 3D

    Up: 3D


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     Absolutely Stunning 3D


    Pixar has done it again, their films might not feature many gimmicky 3D scenes but they sure have a whole load of WOW moments, the depths of the landscapes are just simply awe inspiring and theres certainly more than just a few stand out moments such as the storm and the final battle in the sky but thats not even it! The suttle poke of Mr Frederikson's nose or Omega's snout reaching out of the screen... The house also seems to fly right past your nose at points! I thought Toy Story 3 was the best Pixar 3D transfer yet, untill I watched Up! Its still the same incredibly loveable film with this added dimension and its all just been done so tastefully and seemless! I would even say it was flawless if not for the occasional ghosting but then again you have to be on the look out for it to even notice its there and even when you do it doesn't distract you from any of the other stunningly detailed images on the screen! Another MUST have for Disney/pixar fans and like I said with The Lion King... If you don't already own the 2D version and you are considering the possibilty of buying a 3d TV in the future (with prices going down so fast lately you'd be silly not too, even all you skeptics out there) THIS is most definitely the version to buy!

  8.  meh! movie ...good 3D


    I bought this solely because I was getting a bit tired of all those converted films and fancied watching something that was actually filmed in 3D originally and I cant say I regret it! Right fromthe opening credits, you can already tell the difference from a converted film and WOW does it almost make you rethink ever watching another conversion, the ghosting, it rarelt happens and even when it does, its different, more than a double image as in conversions, its kind of a glow around the edges of the image but it doesnt affect any of the definition at all either and as far as out of the screen 3D without necessarily being gimmicky, this is it! I don't think I've seen better 3D than this in any other "live action" movie since "Avatar"
    ...I would have even given it 5 stars just for that and its brilliant soundtrack had it not been for the same old dance movie plot as usual!

  9.  Dont even think twice! ...GET IT!!


    as with my other reviewsl, I'm focusing on the 3D version of this bluray ...its the same loveable and hilarious film it was in 2D but it only gets better in 3D, its most definitely one of the best 3D films out so far. BRILLIANT use of 3D only make the experience that much more involving, its like the action is REALLY happening right inside your living room! A must say though is it does suffer from quite a little bit of ghosting mostly on things far off in the distance BUT even when noticeable, it doesnt even seem important and you barely even care because at the same time there's something else popping out of the screen and you can see THAT in all its glorious detail in full HD!

    ...it also includes: B.O.B.'s Big Break in 3D, a short toon, roughly about 10mins long and its every bit as funny and charming as the film. Set what seems to be some years before the events in the film. Its also way better than the Road Runner Ones in "Owls of the Ga'hoole" or "Yogi Bear" ...Great to play when showing off your 3D TV too!

  10.  Tedious if anything but great 3D!


    I have to admit that the 3D was actually quite good ...whales and dolphins literally poked their noses or flipped their tails right out of the telly and the content itself is somewhat mesmerizing and quite beautiful if only it wasn't so slow and boring and Daryl Hannah, I was actually excited about her being the narrator!! ...Her voice almost put me to sleep, not sure how to rate it but the mere fact I switched it off 10mins before it finished because I really couldn't be bothered with the rest (and I very rarely ever do that with anything) I think I'll give it 2 stars and that's because the 3D was in fact pretty good