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  1.  Best racing game, this generation.


    Forza 4 had a lot to live up to. With Forza 3 being haled as one of the best racers on Xbox the team at Turn 10 had one hell of a challenge ahead of them. They had to not only satisfy a hardcore racing community but also create a game that welcomed new comers while still being the top dog in Racing Simulation. What they created was motoring perfection. This game is fantastic with a wide variety of cars to chose from as well as difficulty settings that allow anyone to pick up and play and finally a reworked career with rewards you in your own way. Add to that a detailed online mode and a highly addictive rivals mode and you get a game of immense stature. 5 out of 5, best racer hands down.

  2.  World Class Game, Fantastic.


    While the game is being slated in some reviews online on its single player campaign mode I personally found it to be enthralling. While it may be considered cliched the story takes a unique twist not found in other games in its genre. The single player though is admittedly a tad short and can be unfair in its difficulty occasionally.

    However Battlefields are not story games. Battlefield 2 is one of the greatest multiplayer experiences to date. Bad company 1 & 2 Added some life on the Xbox and Playstation to what was otherwise a PC dominated series. The Multiplayer in Battlefield 3 is superb. never have I experienced such a rewarding and balanced experience then in that of BF3. The visuals are crisp with the frostbite 2 engine provided updated graphics then those in Bad Company 2. However it's in the destruction and visual effects where this game shines.

    Explosions are rich and coloured with a greased effect being applied to the camera to add a cinematic feel. While some games use "God rays" on their lights BF3 uses glare, and it uses it beautifully. Lights flicker in your vision, lasers blind and torches light up hallways in never before seen fashion on the PS3/Xbox.

    While some argue that the Xbox/Ps3 versions are poor due to the fact that the game was developed for PC you have to remember that these 5/6 year old machines can still produce breathtaking visuals. But I've wasted enough time. Multiplayer.

    Never has so many things come together to make such a unique multiplayer experience. Gun unlocks become far and wide apart however given that there are many guns and more unlocks per gun then you can count you always feel as though you're making good progress. Guns feel heavy and weighted and the whole gameplay feels like a mashup of Mirrors Edge, Battlefield and Operation Flashpoint. You run, vault and crawl through the world in a realistic manner. The success of your team relies on teamwork. While someone may boast at having the highest K/D your score may be considerably higher as you may have healed and assisted your teammates in other ways. This is where Battlefield may lose some players. The multiplayer is different to say Call of Duty's where the action is constant and arcadey. In Battlefield maps are large and varied with most game modes being primarily objective based. One squad, of four, cooperatively working can destroy an opposing team of "lone wolves" who'll rush into battle and die. Battlefield requires tactics.

    For those of you looking for a light shooter look elsewhere. For those of you who want a real, hardcore shooter look no further. Battlefield presents a different type of game for consoles and it has me completely fallen in love.