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  1.  Avoid!


    After just one use, my disappointment was huge. Avoid this caster board, especially if you have a caster board or have had one in the past by ripstik, this one pales in comparison in so many ways, the materials used to manufacture this board are obviously of low quality, the grip pins on the board are really not all that good, it constantly feels like I'm about to slip off when going up a hill, somehow I fail to reach the same speeds on this one, maybe it's aerodynamic capability is also questionable, the metal that the wheels are attached to also feels cheap. It just isn't a very good replacement for my ripstik, what can I say...

  2.  Terrific!


    Matchbox Twenty have always sounded good to me, to all who are just discovering them, this is a great place to start, favourite tracks are "I'll believe you when" and "If you're gone", plus, when I got the CD, I found out that it had 17 tracks on it, not sixteen, the list is missing "bent" in the 12th spot!

  3.  Gr8!!


    Got this delivered to my door a week after dispatch and am very pleased with it, looks good, is comfortable and is a perfect fit :)

  4.  Very well!


    It's a great album to have if you can't be asked to collect everything he released from Off the Wall and onwards. Though I must say it must've been tough to select which tracks would go on to this album, it's simply tragic that "Man in the Mirror" doesn't appear here, then again I personally don't mind becuase I prefer "Dirty Diana"!

  5.  Stunning!!


    What a fantastic album!! Totally beats the pants off LP's "Living Things"! Amaryllis is actually a flower that grows in the desert and the point of the song is to blossom and show your true colours especially when it's so tough out there these days!

  6.  Getting more realistic!


    The scene where the bullet breaks on Superman's eye-ball is a such a perfect way in the film to point out that the graphics age is in, no more pretend flying and visible ropes for this guy, Brandon Routh portrays Superman to the T, an angel from outer space seeking fairness and truth. Such a shame though that he'll be replaced after just one movie, still, I couldn't see neither Will Smith, nor Nicolas Cage or Paul Walker taking up the part. Tradition says that the part goes to a fresh face who no-one is familiar with and that's the way it should stay!

  7. State


    Nickelback - CD

    18 New from  £4.49  Free delivery

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     2nd and no worse


    Ice cream has many flavours, the first album had chocolate chip as the main theme. Here, you can find a wider variety of rock, some is smoother, most notable their 2nd single, "Leader of men", which if you listen takes time to build up to the explosive nature of the band's signature sound, kinda like vanilla at first and then building up to chocolate with orange chunks in it. Favourite here is "One last run", really great album overall though!!

  8.  Debut album, not a fail!


    As far as debut albums go, this one couldn't get any better, Nickelback's first ever single, called "Fly" is also found here, personally my favourite is Detangler, but the whole album generally blends in well with their more modern heavy releases such as "Burn it to the ground", "Animals", "Figured you out" (From their 5th album, and this considered a dirty song), "Never again" (the personal story in this track is fantastic) and just basically this album has it's own offerings, it's crying to be listened, wipe the dust off it and give it a shot!!

  9.  Absolutely positively!


    I'll listen to this album once a day comfortably, especially track 4, which is just exhilirating, but the whole album is really cool, bringing Nas into the project though, hm, this is also ok and also Daughtry is about, in track 5, nice little part of the collection, you won't be sorry to buy it!

  10.  Gr8 story and story-telling!


    If you love the Foo Fighters, wait 'till you find out that they're not your average rock band, they have so much history dating back to the age of Nirvana, Dave Grohl rocks and he deserves to be praised just like John Lennon, 'cause he truly is a miracle, also I think he looks like a different person without the goatee, watch and see for yourself!!