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  1.  Missing memory


    Like a previous reviewer, I was annoyed at the 1.8T storage, but experienced the same thing with my 500G storage. The confusion comes from the computing industries use of 1024 bytes as 1k. So, 1 Meg is 1024x1024=1048576 bytes and 1T is 1048576x1048576 = 1099511627776 bytes.
    Anyone used to computing would expect 2T to be 2199023255552 bytes, but that is not the way marketing see it.
    2000000000000/1099511627776= 1.8T, That is where your missing storage went.

    A power button would be nice so I don't have to crawl behind my TV where it is connected.

  2.  The Long Version??


    The film is great as always and a good addition to any collection, but "The Long Version". I can't see 17 minutes of additional footage compare to the version I say on TV.
    Three pieces of music, Overture, Intermission and Exit, are added to recreate that cinema experience. The overture alone was 5:22, but where is the extra action.
    Still glad I have it in my collection. :)