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  1.  Never Disappoints


    Wipeout always seems to be a launch game and it has never been a disappointment. This game really showcases the Vita's potential. Graphics and gameplay top notch. Campaign and multiplayer modes are executed perfectly, also you can play people online who are using a PS3!

    I would recommend this game with no doubts.

  2. Goon



    15 New from  £4.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £4.04

     Well worth it.


    A surprisingly good film, Seann William Scott as a somewhat dimwitted but likeable guy. Not a bad show at all.

  3.  Mediocre at Best


    This game was abit of a let down, if it wasn't for the multiplayer I would have expected this game to be PSP quality, it does if anything feel behind the current line up. I enjoy the COD campaigns and this one is the worst released, ALL the missions are effectively the same.

    It does save itself to a certain extent with the multiplayer but as much as I enjoy it, the multiplayer is very buggy. takes a while to load and kicks you out of the room quite often.

    Feels like the game is just a cash in for the developer.


  4.  Best Fighting Game Out!


    This was a real treat for me as a fan of the series, the reboot is not a disappointment!

    All the characters you would expect from previous games and a retelling of the original story. Fantastic game.

    Also you get the DLC content for the PS3 as standard in the game!!!

  5.  Would be five star... Shame on Sony....


    This is the best handheld console you will get today, I would have given a five star review if it weren't for Sony and their disgustingly priced PS Vita Memory Cards! Other than that major annoyance the graphics, fluidity, gameplay and the whole system is fantastic.

    Point to note.... I have seen alot of reviews complaining about the download speeds of games and software updates. I downloaded and installed a 3GB game (Mortal Kombat) as well as a software update in about 7 minutes. I do not have superfast broadband. These people who claim its slow must be using a dial up connection.

  6.  Seriously Value For Money!


    I was apprehensive about buying this as I knew that the Silent Hill HD conversion turned out terrible but I got this for Christmas and I couldn't be happier! The pixelation, graphics and gameplay is better than ever! No one will be disappointed. Not to mention that you get the original Metal Gear and Metal Gear: Solid Snake as well as the three! This is a must buy for any fan of this series.

  7.  Surprising.


    I'm more of a Tekken fan than Street Fighter but was very pleased with this cross over. Excellent arcade style game and plenty of game modes, my only negative is that the downloadable content is pricey (individually they are cheap but there is so much) if you want it all.

    Plenty of characters from each franchise, looking forward to the Tekken version with the 3D playing mode.

  8.  Worth a go.


    Not a bad game at all, would probably say I enjoyed the storyline aspect alot more than Resident Evil 6. The story is set around Resident Evil 2 and 3 which is in my opinion the best in the series. Not a big fan of the actual gameplay but be warned this is not a game for puzzles etc. The game is action orientated and there are a range of weapons and skills, no 180 degree turn is a little frustrating but it doesn't exactly spoil the game. Plenty of downloadable content (1st one is free) and is longer than most games. The graphics are very good but are by no means excellent, I did expect better from Capcom but then again it probably reflects the game style.

  9.  Give it a chance!


    Not bad at all, I got this game preowned from Game for 5.99. The graphics are more realistic than COD simply because COD games have started to look cartoonish. Campaign is great and multiplayer is a very good, not up to what people have come to expect but I would buy this game over COD any day. Can't wait for the sequel.

  10.  Addicted.


    Forget Call of Duty, this overpowers it. Better in every way. The absolute best point about this game is that its not full of little kiddies screaming down the mic because mummy and daddy says its time to go to bed. Best thing I ever did was trade MW3 for this. Peace.